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About Sparkle CMS
Sparkle CMS is a suite of tools that healthcare systems use to help patients find care. It is important work, and we believe in what we do. We are a very lean crew, with fewer than twenty in our all-remote staff, but we are growing quickly. Our product is entirely market-driven, meaning that every feature we build and every deployment we release has real-world users. We are accountable to our product’s users, the healthcare systems and their patients. 
Working With Sparkle 
We’ve described ourselves as a self-organizing team that moves quickly together and contributes across the stack as needed (regardless of specialized knowledge or experience). We want this to remain true even as we add team members whose role is to help our team stay focused by creating a layer of thoughtful project planning and resource management. 
Project Manager
Sparkle relies on collaboration between us and our clients, and collaboration among our team members. Your role will be to help us work together in delivering projects that at least meet the requirements, and that value our team members contributions. 
Sparkle CMS is hiring a Project Manager. We’re looking for someone with a minimum of 3 years of experience helping engineering teams manage their efforts with a clear focus on shared goals. 
We don’t micro-manage our developers, but we do need to reflect a clear and honest vision of how each project will flow from intake through estimation, approval, and development, through to launch and support. 
This is initially a full-time remote contract position with an option of moving to a full-time payroll status. If you are in Chicagoland, we can also offer you the option to work at our Merchandise Mart offices. 
The Project Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day management and delivery of projects to Sparkle CMS clients. Candidates must have experience managing custom software development. Primary responsibilities include the following:

Listen for the ask: understand both the problem that we’re being asked to solve, and the business needs behind the requirement. 

Set clear expectations: Creation and execution of project work plans, adding tools to our internal communications suite as needed.

Shield the team from chaos: It is incredibly important for our work to have results. Changing client needs and requirements throughout the engagement must be managed, and this will be part of what we ask of our project manager. 

Plan and identify resource needs throughout the project
Actively work with the team to manage work assignments and deliverables
Reviewing deliverables prepared by team before passing to client
Applying methodology and enforcing project standards as the project requires
Preparing for engagement reviews and using appropriate quality assurance procedures

The Numbers
We are small, we are growing, we need a clear vision of where we stand with every resource on every project. 

Tracks hours on a weekly basis in order to manage project budgets
Understands basic revenue models, and cost-to-completion projections and makes decisions accordingly
Understand our pricing model and billing procedures

Client meetings. We know, the concept of “managing” a client is funny. But we need someone who can be prepared, who can both listen and react. 

We take our time seriously. We expect to hold only the minimum number of meetings with any given project team, and we expect every team member to have a role if they’re invited, and for there to be a clear goal for every meeting. 

Who needs to know what? Communicate relevant project information throughout the team

Conflict resolution. We will expect you to identify and resolve issues in a timely fashion
Technical Understanding

Possesses strong enough understanding in the areas of software development, CRM, user experience, creative design, and infrastructure architecture to answer client questions and to communicate with the development team

Candidate Qualifications:

3 or more years of website or software project management experience

Excellent verbal and written communication skills between both the customer and all levels within the organization are required

Knowledge of sound business practices and a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations and anticipating their needs are also required

To apply, please send: 

Current CV, desired hourly rate 

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