LearnCube: Part-Time Customer Support Rep (US/Canada/Brazil)

Headquarters: London

URL: https://www.learncube.com/

LearnCube is on a mission to transform live online education across the globe. 
Through our award-winning online classroom, we help education entrepreneurs from the individual online tutor to some of the world’s largest tutoring companies, succeed online. 
We also have a special strength in online language education, where we work with iconic language education companies like Babbel. We’re growing fast and need your help.
Are you reliable, super-organised and positive? Are you living on East Coast of America: US, Canada or Brazil? Do you have customer support and ideally teaching or online tutoring experience (this helps just as much as customer support experience)?
This is a unique opportunity for someone like you:
  • Are you wanting the flexibility of part-time work (approximately 20 hours a week)?
  • Do you have a passion for education? Or maybe you’re an ex-teacher/tutor?
  • Do you have some experience in customer support? At least 6 months please.
  • Do you like the idea of working in a small team where you make a difference?
  • Do you want to learn a new profession or kickstart your next career starting in customer support?
About LearnCube’s Support:
LearnCube is a leading edtech SAAS provider. Our Virtual Classroom and Online School platform makes it easy for language teachers and tutors to teach online professionally. 
LearnCube’s customers are individual tutors, edupreneurs, online language schools and tutoring companies.
Support is provided via chat and email using Intercom. Support tickets will include requests for product information, sales/upgrade queries, problems/bugs experienced in a classroom, how-to’s and account/payment issues. Support documentation is published on our website via Intercom.
What you’ll do:
  • Use our ticketing system (Intercom) to help customers with any support they may need to use our products successfully.
  • Troubleshoot customer issues, identify bugs, trends and areas for improvement (prioritising for different levels of customers.)
  • Get involved in pre-release QA to help test new features as well as document them to update customers.
  • Create and update our support documentation.
  • Collaborate with the team to improve LearnCube’s service.
  • Help the sales team to onboard and train new customers on our classroom or online school platform.
  • Keep up-to-date with best practices and implement improvements to always deliver high-quality support.
More about the support role:
  • Part-time independent contract.
  • This a remote position so there is no office.
  • Earn USD $1400 – $2000 each month depending on experience
  • Work approx 4h per day but you can choose your weekly work schedule to fit the hours around your life, family or side-hustle.
Why it’s important that you are based/living in Eastern Standard Time or Central Time:
  • Because it makes it easier to collaborate with team members in Europe. 
  • We’re a global team, with team members living in USA, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.
  • We’ve already hired a fantastic “counter-part” in customer support in Ireland. By working some hours together, the role be more fun, we can support more timezones together and our customers will get better service.
  • For these reasons, we will not be accepting candidates outside of EST or Central Time unless you are a complete standout in the question section of this application.
Criteria for a successful candidate:
  • A clear, friendly, upbeat, fluent-English writing style.
  • Shows initiative; a self-starter with a proactive, positive attitude.
  • Can self-educate; we work remotely and you’ll need to be able to spend some time learning on your own. But still be able to speak up and ask for help, clarification or support when needed.
  • A curious mind that naturally troubleshoots problems with a knack for arriving at solutions and workarounds.
  • Single-minded about calming chaos, setting up and following good processes to deliver consistently great work.
  • Willing to challenge the status quo in order to make LearnCube better (you’re not complacent and when you think something can be done better, you speak up).
  • Tech-savvy and some familiarity with software tools – we use Intercom, Asana, GSuite, Slack daily (among others).
  • You’d connect with our customers more if you’ve come from a teaching or tutoring background, so please highlight this in your application. We view this as really important.
  • Are you a team player and a good person? We have a strict no d***head policy.
  • Do you have a passion for education? 
  • Do you live in North, Central or South America? We will not consider applications outside of this region.
  • Are you fluent in spoken and written English? Note, you don’t have to be a perfect native speaker… in fact, that’s probably a positive 🙂
  • Do you already share our values: honesty, trust, grit, motivation, and energy?
  • Can you demonstrate strong skills in customer support and care, understanding how to work with people and getting them the help they need?
  • Can you provide evidence of at least 6-12 months of experience working at least 20 hours a week remotely?
LearnCube perks and path:
  • Freedom to live wherever you like as long as you have reliable internet and a permanent residence located somewhere in the EST timezone.
  • Flexible and progressive when it comes to taking time off.
  • A clear career path to lead the Support and Customer Success team, if you want that.
  • Loads of opportunity for professional development.
  • Oh… and you’ll feel much more motivated knowing you’re changing the world for the better; improving both the access to and quality of education across the world.
What’s it like to work for LearnCube:
  • We are a “remote-first” company with our team spread across UK, Europe and the Americas.
  • We’re not a massive team so we’re also a fast-growing business. There are lots of opportunities to make an impact, contribute to the culture and grow professionally.
  • We offer a supportive, safe and fun work environment. Whatever gender, race, sexuality, nationality, religion, education, languages or quirks you have (or don’t), we don’t mind. Just bring strong values of honesty, trust, grit, motivation, and energy.
  • Everyone on the team is a self-starter, contributes, has a valued opinion and is committed to our mission of transforming online education. #nomicromanaging
  • As a company, we’re transparent with monthly updates on all aspects of the business and as a team, we communicate seamlessly with a mix of meetings with team members, 1:1’s, Slack channels and weekly socials to keep it fun and give everyone enough face-time.
Final words:
Aside from the non-negotiables, please don’t worry if you can’t check absolutely every criteria above (you’re probably more awesome than you think).
Please follow this application process and spend time answering the following questions in the application form in order to be considered for the position.
  • What makes you excited about the prospect of working with LearnCube?
  • Tell us how you tend to troubleshoot technical problems and can you give us an example.
  • Tell us about your experience in customer support.
  • Tell us in a few sentences about your ideal (remote) work environment and where you’d like to live.
  • Tell us why you’re interested in a more flexible part-time position.
  • Tell us about any direct experience you have in tutoring or teaching (this is just as relevant as any customer support experience).

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