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Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee, United States


We’re hiring a Director of Marketing because we need you to accomplish our mission – help our clients grow their revenue by $100 million.

We believe that humans are built to make things. And one of the best ways to get more people making things is to show them how to sell their products and services so they can dedicate more time and money to creating even more awesome things.

That’s why our mission is helping our clients grow their revenue by $100 million per year. It’s a measure of the impact we’re having and how effective we are as a company.

And that is where you come in!

We are looking for a Director of Marketing to come in, lead and super charge our marketing department. We have good systems, good processes and a great product. But we need someone to and breathe new life and energy into what we’re doing. And to lead us to our goal of 50 new clients per month.

That is why finding the right fit for this role is the company’s #1 priority.

We’ve been active online marketing practitioners for 7 years. Along the way, we’ve done a lot of fun and creative projects that any marketing geek will have their heart warmed by:


1. 24-Hour Product Challenges: Where we built a product from scratch in 24 hours and sold it, all while live streaming the entire process.

2. Tool Partnerships: We built entire suite of free Saas products from scratch in order to land marketing partnerships with large companies in our industry.

If this kind of testing and creativity in marketing the type of thing you geek out on, keep reading!

This role is critical because without you we will not have the ability to continue expanding our training programs and tools. We need you to step into the marketing machine we have and make it better. Improve our approach, build upon what we’ve started, invent new and better techniques. And, most of all, have fun helping people turn their ideas into thriving businesses and then work with those businesses to grow them

What you will do in this role?

As the Director of Marketing for Growth Tools you’ll have 3 core areas and own 1 primary number.

The core areas you’ll be focused on are below and in priority order:

#1. Leading The Marketing Team

Outcome: Your team is close knit, enthusiastic and has momentum and maniacal focus around the marketing departments goals. And those goals are clearly and simply aligned to the companies overall mission and targets. (40% of your time)

#2. Marketing Strategy

Outcome: You lead the marketing strategy for the company, always looking for large changes and small tweaks to improve things. Total marketing geek and metrics junky. (25% of your time)

#3: Operations

Outcome: You are a hardcore operator at heart that loves being in the weeds, writing marketing copy, crafting campaigns and tracking and learning from the data so your team can make adjustments along the way. You have at least 1 legitimate marketing super power that will bring instant impact from day 1. Also, you don’t get in your teams way, you empower them. But you love working side by side with them (35% of your time)

Your #1 goal is sales.

“# of new clients per month” will be your north star and primary measure of how well you are doing in this role.

And your 2 primary KPIs will be

1. # of sales calls booked per week by channel and total

2. % of bookings to sales per week to channel and total

As the leader of the company, my commitment to you is to always make sure you know what winning looks like and where you stand at all times. This is a performance marketing leader role.

So, if you LOVE the idea of being praised and rewarded because of your teams top notch production, you’ll love it here!

Here is the internal scorecard for this role

What will you learn in this role?

If you come from the traditional offline marketing world or a standard marketing agency, our pace of innovation, action taking and iteration might be uncomfortable for you. You’ll learn how to move fast, iterate quickly, and put zero value into sunk cost. You’ll also get to finally spread your wings, get rid of the red tape and do your thing.

If you come from a large cooperation or have a bloated management structure where you are now, this will feel like the first day out of prison after a 10-year stint.

If you come from the start-up world or are a founder yourself, this will feel like a dream in which you can just focus on building the marketing team and marketing engine you’ve always wanted.

If you are in Marketing but have never taken on a Director role, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. While we would love to have someone that’s already “done it”. We’re 100% open to giving the perfect fit the opportunity they’ve been waiting on.

There is 0 red tape at Growth Tools. We don’t care about how other people have always done things, how you have always done things, or what anyone’s SOP is. What we care about is: 1) you loving what you do every day and waking up excited to do it; and 2) our students’ and clients’ successes. We ruthlessly measure both of those on a daily basis.

And, ideally, you have aspirations to be our CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) in the next 1-2 years who will lead our marketing and sales team.

You’ll walk away from your time at Growth Tools having grown and led the most effective, fun and innovative marketing team the online training industry has ever seen.

Here is the vision for where our company is going.

Who will you work with?

You will work directly with me, Bryan Harris, Founder & CEO. Your team will consist of Will (copywriter), Carmella (Ad Buyer and Strategist) and Shawn (Tracking and Funnel Optimizer).

You’ll also be a key part of the Growth Tools leadership team that consist of Jeanette (Director of Product), Sam (Director of Sales) and Chris (Director of Engineering).

Where will you work?

We all work remotely and are scattered around North America from Vancouver to Cleveland, and Nashville to Birmingham. That means you have the flexibility to work from home or a co-working location, or to take the family to Peru for the summer and work from your terrace overlooking the Andes Mountains.

You will be expected to work in the general 8am to 5pm CT time range. Flexibility there for sure. But in general, lots of overlap with your team and the leadership team is important.

We don’t micromanage you. Rather, as the Director of Marketing, we expect you to be a leader in every way. You will be a daily “in-the-weeds” practitioner as well as strategizing, leading and building your team.

What does Growth Tools do and why?

Growth Tools is a coaching company that helps online businesses grow their impact and revenue. Our tools consist of 10 SaaS products that we give away for free. Our trainings consist of a year long 1:1 high-touch coaching program, Growth University.

We believe that the world is a better place when people create and those creations are shared.

Example: I looooove Allbird shoes.

Guess how Allbirds came to exist? A dude, Tim Brown, had the idea for them. And he had enough gumption and know-how to go out and actually make them. Now Allbirds is one of the most successful upstart shoe brands from the past 5 years.

The world is a better place when every Tim out there turns their ideas into real-life products.

That’s why our goal is to generate $100 million in revenue for our clients. That is our measurement that these creations are being shared and real value is being generated as a result.

Do you want to be on the front lines and directly involved with growing some of the coolest and most innovative companies in the world?

If you are interested in leading our marketing, building a team of word-class marketers and changing the lives of 1000s of Entrepeneurs over the next 5 years, I look forward to talking to you.

Chat soon!

(Note: We typically have 100+ applicants for each role we hire. If you want a few pointers on how you can stand out from the pack, read this.)


– In your heart of hearts you are a hardcore direct response marketer that loves to lead people & projects

– Your are a complete marketing nerd who has been looking for a role like this for years.

– You are dying to lead and grow a world class marketing team

– You hate to micromanage or be micromanaged and revel at the opportunity to grow a marketing team the right way

– You are a great copywriter (and love the research and discovery process needed to write amazing copy).

– You have a legit marketing Super Power

– You love being in the weeds brainstorming and writing a marketing campaign.

– Ideally you have 5+ years of experience growing and leading a marketing team.

– Ideally you have built funnels and CTA’s for high ticket ( 10K+) products or services that are sold thru inside sales teams

– Ideally you have previously grown sales from $5 million to $25+ million.


  • Work from anywhere (we’re 100% remote)
  • Occasional travel, such as quarterly on-site meetings
  • Salary & bonus: $150k – $250k+ per year
  • Health, vision and dental insurance for you and your family
  • Unlimited vacation (mandated 1 week/yr)
  • Unlimited education allowance
  • Unlimited equipment allowance
  • $100/mo. reimbursable personal/marriage counseling

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