Full Stack Engineer

Do you want to help developers and users reclaim the web with a brand new technology to directly manage our information and identities online?
3Box Labs is building a more open, safe and collaborative web. We created the leading identity and data solution for Web3, and alongside our open source developer community we’re approaching the launch of Ceramic Network. We have huge and novel challenges ahead. We need impact-driven, intentional, fast-learning teammates to join us in realizing the vision of a more trusting and connected web.
The Role
We are looking for a Full Stack engineer to build key features and improvements across Ceramic’s stack, with a particular focus on our developer experience, libraries and components. 
You will …
  • Ensure our developer experience is consistently remarkable, proactively noticing gaps and shipping high quality improvements in everything from documentation to API design to core libraries
  • Implement an opt-in 2-factor authentication system in 3ID Connect (our authentication service)
  • Become one of the core developers on our identity stack, likely as the technical owner on one or both of 3ID Connect and Self.ID (not yet released)
  • Contribute across the stack, giving you a unique ability to work on the most critical problems, communicate our tech internally and externally, and support our developer community with a broad and deep understanding
  • Collaborate with critical partners to help them understand our tech, design novel solutions, and implement high impact usage
  • Interface with community in discord and other forums to provide support and build community
  • Represent us at conferences and other ecosystem events (remote and live)
You’re likely a great candidate if you have…
  • Shipped high quality javascript code used in production
  • Familiarity with Web3 technologies like blockchain, IPFS
  • A desire to work across the stack, gaining a broad understanding
  • A focus on impact. You will think about high level technical direction or spend time working 1:1 with a community member, whichever is more impactful.
  • A love of working with people and can communicate and collaborate well remotely and asynchronously, both inside the team and with our open source developer community
  • A knack for structuring problems effectively and solving them efficiently.
The Team
We are a lean, endlessly curious team spread across Europe and the East Coast. We are impact driven, intentional about our role, communications and actions, and intensely focused on building quality tools for our open source community. We believe a better model for managing identity and data online can give power back to users and builders, that this model is key to a growing movement, and that our team is a critical part of making that movement successful.
We pay competitively and fairly across the globe, offer great and flexible benefits, and view everyone on our team as an owner — both with generous equity grants and lots of agency to help set our direction.

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