Customer Solutions Consultant

Spiff (, recently named one of the most innovative Fintech companies, is on a mission to inspire, enable, and reward peak business performance. Why? Commission plans are used by modern companies to reward and drive good behavior using more advanced rules or combinations of rules such as quota attainment, accelerators, and other types of variable earnings. Great Commission plans motivate Salespeople to sell more to the right companies. In order to help companies and reps to reach their full potential, we take the manual labor and complexity of current commission processes and completely automate them. Finance teams used to spend hours each month trying to prepare commissions, communicate them to their reps, deal with discrepancies, and then get those paid on time. Spiff automates that full process. We connect to the client’s systems; CRM, ERP & Payroll to reduce the work and amount of errors. Spiff gives powerful, real-time data and insights to reps, managers, and executives about their commissions.

Who we are looking for…

We’re looking for a passionate Customer Solutions Consultant to join our growing team and help us provide intuitive and delightful experiences to our customers. As a Customer Solutions Consultant, you will work closely with our clients to manage changes to their existing system architecture, serve as a technical resource on an ongoing basis to ensure that their systems are integrated successfully with our app and that their commission math has been replicated accurately. We are looking for thoughtful, diverse people that can connect with clients for this role.


What you’ll contribute in this role… 

  • As a member of the Customer Adoption Team, take the lead in revisional implementation engagements with clients. Typically, this will represent 3-6 weeks of work with a client with daily/weekly calls to review information, clarify calculations, review results and ensure that their models are being calculated correctly

  • You will juggle multiple customer engagements at once and ensure that clients are progressing as quickly as possible

  • Work with account management to help respond to follow-up needs from previously established clients


What experience you’ll bring to Spiff…  

  • 2+ years of professional experience

  • Highly analytical thinker with a natural ability to mentally map complex systems

  • Experience with logic, especially if/then type flows, filtering, sorting, etc.

  • Navigate complex excel models

  • Professional. Internally Spiff is a startup, and it is awesome. Externally, clients must see that fun, but as a Fintech startup, working with senior members of management at some of the biggest brands in the world, every interaction needs to be fast, professional, succinct, and intelligent.

  • Self Starter. We’re building solid materials, and resources for new hires; but as a young startup, we’re not there yet. We need people that enjoy ambiguity, and space to succeed without a lot of direction

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and keep everything on track

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Reliable.

  • Detail-oriented – you will be asked to notice small details and fit them within the larger picture


Bonus Points!

  • Sales ops, especially familiarity with Salesforce (from an admin perspective)

  • Technical expertise (SQL/database, Excel macros, light coding, etc…) is a huge plus

  • Familiarity with project management best practices

  • Basic accounting/finance understanding

  • Interest in Startups/Tech/Finance. Our team loves the startup community, and genuine interest in the space is huge

What types of perks and benefits we offer… 

  • Competitive Salary and Equity

  • Health Benefits

  • Remote First & Friendly Company


Fraudulent Recruitment Alert – Be Aware and Stay Informed
At Spiff, we prioritize a secure recruitment process. We’ve noticed fake job offers online where individuals, posing as Spiff representatives, aim to deceive candidates through emails and calls to obtain sensitive information. Spiff’s Stance:

  • Thorough Interview Process: We never extend job offers without a comprehensive interview process involving our recruitment team and hiring managers. This process always includes video or in-person interactions at some point during the interview process.

  • Offer Communication: Our job offers are not sent solely through email. We ensure that all offers are initially communicated verbally by Spiff’s recruitment team, followed by written communications

  • Email Verification: Legitimate recruiting emails from Spiff, inc. will always originate from an “” email address. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email, letter, or telephone communication claiming to be from Spiff, please reach out to us at before taking any further action in response to the correspondence.

Your security is our priority, and we want to ensure that your interactions with us are safe and reliable. Should you encounter any suspicious communication or have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. Stay vigilant and informed.

At Spiff, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization that reflects the ever-changing world around us. We strive for an equitable workplace where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation; race or ethnicity; age; physical ability; socio-economic status; religious beliefs; political views or affiliations; or any other factor that can be used to make someone feel excluded from the workplace experience.

Our unwavering commitment to this mission is founded on the idea that varied perspectives drive innovation.

We know that fostering a diverse and inclusive team has a positive impact on our products and services, and helps us better serve our customers, employees, and community stakeholders. That’s why we’re building a culture where differences are celebrated and an environment where people from all backgrounds are treated with respect and given the freedom to be their authentic selves.

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