Commit Action : Operations Coordinator/Project Manager @ fast growth productivity industry startup

Headquarters: New York, NY


We offer: 

  • The freedom and flexibility of a 100% remote company—we’ve been doing it since before it was cool OR necessary! 
  • The excitement and opportunity of joining a fast growth, funded startup that has achieved breakthrough product market fit (our company is doubling its customer base every ~4 months)
  • Exposure to work side by side (and learn from) with senior team members executing in a fast paced environment.
  • Annual compensation in the $65k-80k range with fast track potential for growth. 
  • Opportunity for rapid advancement: We are seeking a candidate to perform several functions fractionally, design best practices for those functions and ultimately step into a more senior position as we grow and hire to fill the other roles they create. Design your future at our company!

About Commit Action… 

We are a growing software AND human-services startup. We work with entrepreneurs around the world to help them become the highest leverage, most effective versions of themselves possible. We solve a problem of increasing isolation and distraction that makes focus and effectiveness elude top performing entrepreneurs, creatives and executives.  
Our service is a hybrid of productivity software and human-powered, expert accountability coaching, delivered by our highly trained “Accountability Coaches”. We’re using tech to deliver expert coaching at scale — our coaches act as personal trainers for productivity. 

Our proprietary software manages and streamlines our coach’s relationships with our clients. We work with our clients to set powerful goals, track and measure their performance and push them to execute on their dreams. We’re constantly testing and deploying exciting new tech in the growing space of human-powered, software-enhanced services!

Role description: Operations Coordinator (& Project Manager)

As a fast growth startup in the midst of a sprint to epic scale, we have some urgent business objectives we need help achieving:

1. Getting our executives working ON the business not IN the business
2. Increasing the quality and diligence of our customer experience/service
3. Supporting our marketing campaigns with project management and prospect communication   

We are seeking a intelligent, proactive, disciplined and tech-savvy operations coordinator to execute directly in the above three areas.

This role is a hybrid, three-way split between these three mission-critical functions.  It will feel like part chief-of-staff to our CEO and COO, part head of customer service and part marketing assistant. 

The successful candidate will work to diligently execute tasks in these areas AND creatively design best practices and systems to scale their activity as we grow. We anticipate recruiting full time operators to own each of these three spaces  over the next 12 months. The candidate for this hybrid role will have their pick of which job to grow into. This is an opportunity to design your future. 

What will you do all day in this role at Commit Action? 

Right now, we’re growing fast and are at a size where we can offer a healthy 3 way split across these different parts of the business. If you love variety, the first year or so in this role will be fun. If you love learning, you will thrive. 

Here’s what you’ll be getting up to… 

  • Work closely with our executive team as a project manager and as an almost chief-of-staff type supporter. Free up our CEO to work more strategically ON the business versus IN the business. Help him juggle a host of commitments and strategic opportunities, provide bottom-up accountability and structure. Manage the manager. 

    Our CEO is a high performer and a semi famous-on-the-internet entrepreneur (D-list) who has to say no to hundreds more things than he would like to. We need to tame the inbox and get him some headspace to do the deep, important work that rockets the company forward. 

    This used to happen automatically until very recently, when our white-knuckle growth rate made things like his email absolute chaos.  

  • Operationalize and systemize mission critical recurring activity to get key milestones accomplished on “auto pilot” as the company scales…. is what a much larger, less fun company would call the operations part of this job. What on earth does that mean? 

    Here’s the deal… 18 months ago we were telling everyone we were a “scrappy startup”.  Then something clicked and customers started signing up like we’re selling the last tacos on earth. Our cute approach to handling day-to-day business was “make a list” … “remember to do X”… “don’t forget to email so and so about that”. 

    Sooo… we need to get our sh*t together. People are buying what we sell so fast that the cracks are starting to show. Not in our core service (where we are crushing it!) but with all the other little bits and pieces. Nice problems to have… but still definitely problems. 

    If this sounds familiar and if you’ve seen it (and solved it) before… we’re excited to meet you! 

  • So, to sum up: You’ll be doing operations work,  including working inside the business completing tasks, handling communications with customers, and also designing the systems and processes to help us scale. 
  • The project management piece: We need you to maintain a high level overview of major initiatives, providing accountability and coordination (connective tissue) to the different contributors working on the company’s most important projects. In other words, be our human on the INSIDE of our project management software providing some accountability. Right now we’re a small, tight knit and lean team with rockstar experts performing core functions… but as we grow we need to mesh like a well oiled machine.
  • Help us transform from an adhoc approach to customer support to a fully tracked, optimized system to swiftly support customer experience without anything slipping between the cracks. 

    Customer support is an afterthought when you’re figuring out how to build a business and find product/market fit. We have it now… so now we want to get really great at the support stuff too. Like, world class great. Can you help? 

  • Work to support our cutting edge marketing campaigns with direct communication with prospective customers via social media. Help us do the work and—as you do it—design the best practices and systems to scale it as we grow! 

    We do some pretty cool and innovative stuff with our marketing and we’d love another pair of hands for pinging messages back and forth with hot prospects. This is small scale now and by the time it ramps up into a full time commitment we’ll have hired other people (with your help!) or promote you into owning this space. It’s up to you, and your strengths! 

  • Woah! This job seems like a LOT… but let us explain what we’re doing here.

    Right now, we’re a small enough team and business that we don’t need a full time person owning each of these different areas. But we will SOON. That’s why this is your opportunity to design your future role with our company.

    We expect the successful candidate for this Operations Coordinator role  to grow into either a  full time operations manager, marketing operations or customer experience role… the other two of which we will hire to fill in the next 12 months. This is an opportunity to help us set up the systems for this work to be done, then design the jobs and step into a senior role with a fast growth startup. 

No joke, we aren’t kidding… this is going to be a rocket ride. That’s why we’ve got some ultra specific criteria we need in the person who does this job.

Here’s what we need: 

1. Undergraduate level education OR a very convincing explanation for why you don’t have any (we love smart renegades!)

2. Experience in one or more of the listed areas (a reminder: Chief of staff type operations support, customer service/support/experience/success/buzzword-of-your-choice OR marketing operations!)

 … this is not an entry level position. We want someone who has done one of these things before (at least) and who believes they can pick up the other two and ace them from first principles. i.e. by thinking for yourself and figuring it out.

3. Exceptionally high degree of technical proficiency: The founding team of the company are digital natives (none are software engineers/programmers) who are fluent and fast with software and technology in general. The ideal candidate should be a digital native who can keep up, with intuitive problem solving skills, and who innately understands:

  • How to deeply and effectively utilize google to troubleshoot issues (e.g. REALLY extract useful information)
  • How to be a power user in the common stack of digital software (google apps, setting up connections between simple cloud solutions like payment platforms, scheduling software etc etc)
  • Coding experienced absolutely not required or expected… but if you’ve gotten to the point in your career where the only way to get MORE technical expertise would be to learn to code, you are in precisely the sweet spot we are looking for. 
4. Expert written/spoken communication skills, delivered with confidence 
  • This will be a client facing role where a significant % of your time (but not all) will include communicating with customers directly. 
  • You will also be helping our CEO manage his inbox and responding to external queries on his behalf. An ability to communicate with nuance and flexibility, based on your ability to notice context queues (i.e. who is emailing, what tone is appropriate to respond etc)
  • Be able to swiftly and authoritatively represent the company and it’s officers in either private email interactions or as an agent of the business in (for example) an online chat with a potential customer. 
  • Thriving in this type of work would open doors for you to design/create a marketing/sales coordinator role and be promoted into it. 
4. Project management expertise with conscientious time management and detail orientation
  • Be the first project manager on a ultra fast growing team that probably needed to hire one a long time ago. If you know what that means and what to expect, then you’re probably right for this job. 
  • You will be managing our CEO’s calendar and email communication, working to proactively insure the various demands of the business are balanced with proactive strategic project work. Potentially create and be promoted to a chief-of-staff (to the CEO) role as a result. 
5. Customer “experience” (or customer service/success/whatever-buzzword) experience
  • Your experience in customer support will help us evolve our systems and processes to match our growth rate. Transform the organization from an adhoc reactive and all email based approach to customer support to something world class. Potentially create and be promoted to a Head of Customer Experience role as a result. 

6. The “soft” skills that are most important of all: 
  • Extreme diligence and industriousness: Are you in the top 1% of your social circle for organizational effectiveness? Do you love to grind in the short term for long term payoff and results? Only the highly organized and effective should apply. 
  • Gel with and embrace our “Work hard, go home” culture: This is not a 80 hour week job. We don’t sleep under our desks. At Commit Action we work hard, then we go home. If you expect to spend hours of your day scrolling social media doing “research”, look elsewhere. When we’re at work, we work. When we’re home, we don’t. 
  • Outgoing, extroverted and enthusiastic: This role will be social in the sense that you’ll be in communication all day, every day. You will become the connective tissue in our company, helping to connect and coordinate our talented operators as they execute on our most important projects. When you’re not doing that, you’ll be talking to customers. If communication and connection fuels you, this will be a fit. 
  • Possess a steady, unflappable nature: Our business is intensely customer facing, and while we mostly love our customers the scale of what we do means we occasionally meet people when they are not the best version of themselves. You need to be emotionally steadfast, even-keeled and resilient… if you can let the crazy wash over you (very occasional – we promise) like ocean waves over a lighthouse, you’ll be great at this. 
  • Proactive, innovative and intelligent: Read between the lines of this ad and realize that many of the tasks could be accomplished by outsourced “virtual assistant” type labor. Then read deeper and realize we are looking for the person who can come in, do that work, and in doing so design the systems and company “architecture” we need to become truly world-class as we scale all these functions. This is an opportunity to create one of three potential jobs we’ll be hiring for (and to hire to fill the other two!) and a stepping stone into a career at an ultra fast growth startup with strong market fit. You’ll have close proximity to our founder and CEO and have a front row seat as we grow the business. We are looking to hire someone who isn’t looking for a to-do list, but who has the grit, intelligence and creativity to strategically build the business—smarter stronger faster—with us. 

To apply, visit and follow the instructions provided. 

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