CG Cookie: Customer Support Lead

Headquarters: Geneva, IL


This role will be responsible for leading the customer support efforts across the various projects within the CG Cookie ecosystem: supporting internal team members, advocating for our customers, writing self-help documentation, interfacing with development teams, defining team goals and the strategies to attain them.

The CG Cookie eco-system consists of two primary online platforms (CG Cookie and Blender Market) and a few smaller products serving the Blender community.

As Customer Support Lead you will be taking charge of a small team to guide all support-related duties with an emphasis on helping the team communicate with a consistent tone, clarity, and attention to detail.

The primary role for this job will be to take lead on support for our Blender Market and CG Cookie projects. Your job will be to help all of us do better. You’ll report directly to the CEO and CTO.

Blender Market –

You’ll be the primary point of contact for creator and customer support on the market, using a combination of Helpscout & the Blender Market inbox. Tasks include handling refund requests, helping customers get support from creators, supporting customers in accessing their purchases, and managing all other general support. You will work closely with Blender Market’s development team to ensure bug reports and other problems are addressed quickly and customers & creators kept in the loop. 

CG Cookie –

On CG Cookie you’ll work alongside the existing support team to help customers access and find content, manage their subscription, and point in the right direction. 

In addition to the above projects, CG Cookie has a few of Blender products and start-up projects which would fall under the guidance of the Customer Support Lead, recognizing they may not need much attention (yet).

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Taking lead on all support issues,
  • Improving internal and external documentation,
  • Leading the team by example for tone, candor, and fairness,
  • Working directly with the .development team and project lead to improve customer and creator experiences

  • Willingness to take on conflict resolution,
  • Ability to work remotely and autonomously,
  • Great English language communication skills,
  • Two or more years of customer support experience,
  • Willingness to travel a couple times per year for team meetups (post COVID).

Nice to haves:
  • Hospitality industry experience is a major bonus (bar tending, waiting tables, management, etc)
  • Team management experience 
  • Remote work experience
How you’d work:
Ideally, this role will be spending around 40-60% of your day responding to customers across the various projects, with the remainder of the time focused on longer-term support goals, team structure, documentation, and overall improvement of our efforts.

Tools you’ll be using: 

  • Basecamp: Primary communication tool of CG Cookie and task management, including internal documentation,
  • Slack: Daily instant communication as needed, 
  • Helpscout: The support software mainly used for customer conversations and managing help documentation, 
  • Social accounts: Keeping a pulse on mentions, watching for support requests via these channels: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
Is this role for you?
CG Cookie team members work autonomously, contributing to the overall company and project goals. You’ll not be given a daily check-list of things to accomplish, instead presented with overall problems needing to be solved: leaning on you to plan the tasks needed to approach the work.

If you crave ownership over your work and are equally okay with the accountability that comes with it, we’d love to have you a part of this team.

Benefits and nitty-gritty:
This is a full-time position with CG Cookie that is 100% remote, including the offered benefits of 100% paid medical premiums, a 4-day work week, and retirement savings opportunities to participating in. 

To get an idea of our approach to work and who we are take a moment to read CG Cookie’s handbook- 

Compensation Package is $65,000 – $70,000 annually, depending on experience, + medical and retirement benefits.

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