Axel – Frontend Engineer

Please, Apply for this position only if you are based in US. Thanks 🙂

💻 Only for applicant how got skilled in JavaScript and HTML/CSS, including extensive knowledge of popular front end frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, etc.) and developer tooling.

About Axel

Axel builds developer infrastructure for the future of finance. We’re unlocking financial freedom for everyone, starting with the developer. As the leading universal and composable decentralized finance infrastructure platform, we’ve built the world class developer tooling needed to make building on the blockchain frictionless.

Our culture is at the core of everything we do. We’re obsessed with building teams that are intentional about what they create and empathetic through their process. We know that Axel is not possible without trailblazing, caring, and collaborative visionaries, so we’ve curated an environment that makes you excited to come to work each day and build a product we’re all proud of — together.

Axel is extremely well funded from phenomenal investors and some of the brightest minds in technology, giving us many years of runway and the ability to pay competitive salaries, offer great benefits, and provide meaningful equity.

The Role

Developers and companies worldwide use Axel to build phenomenal applications and systems that leverage decentralized finance — lending markets, yield protocols, staking, decentralized exchanges, and more. Our customers’ onboarding experience and home is through our web dashboard, where they use Axel to receive their API keys as well as instantiate, debug, monitor, and launch their apps.

As a frontend engineer at Axel, you’ll be building the user-facing features that are critical to customers’ success while also defining the internal standards and tooling that empower our own engineers with a great development experience.

At Axel, we believe the magic happens when we’re in person. Our headquarters are based in Silicon Valley. If you are not based in the Bay Area and want to be IRL with the team, we can help you relocate or fly you to the HQ on a regular basis.


  • Rigorous JavaScript and HTML/CSS experience, including extensive knowledge of popular front end frameworks (e.g. React, Vue, Angular, etc.) and developer tooling
  • Background in Computer Science or a technically related field
  • Experience shipping high-quality products from start to finish
  • Self-starter attitude and the ability to execute new ideas with autonomy
  • Know how to find a genuine balance between perfection and shipping quickly
  • A combined skillset and passion for great user experience and API design
  • Proficiency with TypeScript/JavaScript, React (or equivalent), HTML/CSS, and NodeJS
  • Experience working with startups and/or fast-paced, ambitious environments
  • Passion for decentralized finance and blockchains is a plus!
  • A “can-do” hustler mentality, being a former founder, or building side projects is a huge plus!


💵 USD $120k – $200k

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