tomiDAO – Community Manager

tomiDAO is seeking a community manager specifically for everything DAO. is creating a privacy-enabled WWW, and are working on specifications for the DAO that will manage our DNS, DAO treasury, and ultimately the development and marketing of tomi itself. Tomi has a community manager (TheHollow) who is responsible for the overall community and we are looking for someone to complement the work that TheHollow is doing.

The position is estimated at approximately 12 hours per week. You’re job will be to make tomiDAO part of the wider DAO discussions in the Web3 community as well as keep it lively on the tomi channels that are discussing the DAO. That may include but is not limited to:

  • Posting topics and encouraging responses on the tomi Discord

  • Participating in X/twitter discussions on DAOs as well as in other public DAO groups about relevant goings-on at tomi

  • Participating in outside events and DAO groups and bringing relevant people into the tomi discussions

  • Recruiting people to the tomi Discord and/or Telegram for feedback and discussion

  • Hosting AMAs among the DAO thought leaders

  • Keeping the tomi community in the loop and working with the tomi marketing team to help promote work on different channels

We’ll be looking to you to take responsibility as the community manager expert, defining your own KPIs and making the job work for you and for us. More info about what we are up to:



Please fill in the short form below. We’ve tried to make applying quick, and we’ll be in touch with you regarding next steps. We expect there will be 2-3 interviews and we will want to review your references for the position.

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