Technical Learning Support Coach

Technical Learning Support Coach

Location: This is a remote role working from home, or you can join us at our office near Old Street

Role Type: Contract, employment dates: 30th October 2023 – 18th December 2023, and 5th January 2024 – 22nd March 2024

Reporting to: Software Engineering Pod Lead

Everyone deserves a job they love. At Makers, we retrain people as software developers and kickstart their careers by placing them in tech teams across the UK.

Makers’ purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent. We do this through training software engineers and placing them in organisations. 

What you’ll be doing

To assist and support our learners with special educational, social, emotional and behaviour difficulties.

  • The Technical Learning Support Coach’s main role is to provide 1:1 support for a learner with special educational, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. 
  • The coach will ensure that the learners can integrate as fully as possible in the activities generally undertaken by the other learners in the cohort and make progress.
  • Activities will include running specific programmes and activities to assist the learners’ individual learning and social needs. The coach will be responsible for implementing the targets on the learners’ Individual support Plan in liaison with the tech coaches, placement coaches and the Pastoral Lead.

Supporting learners:

  • To provide learning support in a 1:1 situation.
  • To develop knowledge of the particular needs of the learner and seek advice from the Pastoral Care Lead, tech coaches and outside agencies as required.
  • To aid access to the full range of learning experiences inside the learning environment and provide modified materials as required e.g. worksheets, games, visual prompt cards, transcriptions etc.
  • To make or modify resources as suggested and advised by the tech coaches/ placement coaches including documenting any gaps across different resources to support future curriculum development planning.
  • To organise and maintain an inclusive learning environment across the Bootcamp; and make Makers’ aware of any blockers in a timely fashion.
  • Provide positive reinforcements, praise to learners to motivate.
  • Facilitate inclusion in small group activities with peers and support interaction between them.
  • To attend in service training and relevant meetings relevant to the post in order to keep up to date with developments in working with learners with special educational needs.

Supporting the Training and Placement Teams:

  • To work as part of the team to ensure that the well being and personal development of the learner enhances their learning opportunities and life skills.
  • To attend planning meetings with the tech coaches to develop learning programmes and to assist in the delivery of the individual learning programmes on a daily basis to promote learning ,behaviour and communication skills.
  • To provide regular feedback to the tech coaches and placement coaches and, where necessary, relevant outside agencies about any learner’s difficulties and progress.
  • To contribute to the learners’ review by contributing/writing a brief report and attending any meeting.
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues to optimise learner progress and achievement.
  • Regular liaison with Client Partners to communicate learner performance, results and issues to ensure these are resolved promptly.
  • Escalate any information gathered to Client partners to resolve with the Hiring Partner.

Working at Makers:

  • To understand, comply with and promote the company’s safeguarding policy and procedures.
  • To understand, comply with and promote the company’s diversity policies and procedures. 
  • To maintain an accurate and secure audit trail of all relevant communication.
  • Support the delivery of a wider learning curriculum, e.g Prevent and British values.
  • Track progress of this curriculum ensuring that learners and line managers are aware.
What success looks like
  • Learners in your care are on a trajectory to achieve well with their journey, and where they are not there are sufficient interventions in place to give them every opportunity to get back on track.
  • You are a team player, collaborating and contributing to the overall success of the team.
Why Join Makers

Makers is a coding bootcamp and apprenticeship provider. We’re on a mission to be the brand of choice for aspiring devs and employers with a vision of creating career joy in a representative tech industry.

Our purpose is to transform lives and organisations by bridging tech industry needs and under-discovered talent.

At Makers, we believe everyone deserves a job they love. We’re proud of our culture which is built on trust over fear with a core mission to transform lives. We value growing as people by learning transparency, vulnerability, the growth mindset, emotional intelligence, perhaps some hard truths about yourself, and how to give and receive feedback honestly and productively. We care about being surrounded by a diverse group of bright, motivated people, who all really care about doing the very best they can for our students, for our hiring partners, and for each other

Who we’re looking for

You will need to:

  • Have experience of working with learners, desirably with special educational needs.
  • Have experience of a Makers’ technical bootcamp or equivalent style training.
  • Have GCSE, ‘O’ Level or equivalent qualifications in Maths and English.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the different social, cultural and physical needs of learners.
  • Have knowledge and understanding in aspects of SEN, e.g. Visual or Hearing impairment, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism.

At Makers, we want everyone in the team to:

  • Connect to our mission – Excited about our mission at Makers to change lives, and helping create an environment where our team can do their best work and thrive.
  • Have a growth mindset – You love learning, are open to new opinions and approaches, and enjoy continuously developing yourself and others.
  • Prioritise joy – You care about others and are able to empathise, communicate effectively, overcome challenges and help create a supportive and joyful place to work.
  • Value trust over fear – You value trust in your working relationships and are able to work in an environment that values transparency, open feedback, clear communication, and challenging the status quo as key foundations.


At Makers, diversity and inclusion are core to our mission. Ensuring our people feel included and valued is critical for us to live the Makers’ values: Nurture a growth mindset, Trust over fear, and Prioritise joy. We are actively working towards fostering a strong culture of belonging for both our students and our people and encourage applications from all backgrounds, abilities, communities, and industries. We see the value behind the new ideas you could bring to help us achieve our mission.

If reading this job description has given you any doubt about whether you’d feel welcome or included at Makers, first, we’re sorry. Second, we’d really like to hear from you about it so we don’t do it again.

Contact Sandy Vo – Talent Partner, if you have any questions or require accommodations / adjustments to be made.



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