TalkJS: Customer Success Engineer

Headquarters: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


TalkJS is growing quickly, not in the least because of our excellent customer support and technical documentation. In fact, technical support is our primary sales channel: customers tend to have most questions when evaluating our product: before they’re paying customers. We’re looking to strengthen our customer-focused engineering team with a highly communicative programmer.

We’re looking for a programmer who:
  • has broad technical interests
  • likes to work with other developers, inside and outside TalkJS, to help them achieve their goals
  • has demonstrable experience writing technical documentation, blogs, tutorials or howtos
  • has broad experience with web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Bonus points if you know 1+ more platform/language besides the web.

Support at TalkJS is deeply technical, varied, important. There’s no “have you tried to turn it on and off again” here. You’ll help fellow programmers succeed at shipping an excellent chat feature inside their apps. The role is broad: We’ll encourage you to contribute across the board, depending on your strengths and personal development goals. So not just help customers, but also ship core TalkJS features, constantly improve our documentation, support marketing with compelling technical material, do conference talks, and so on.

Apply by emailing to If you can, show us something technical you have written.

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