Spark Membership: SaaS Funnel Builder Extraordinaire

Headquarters: Tampa


Looking for an exceptional marketer who loves and excels at both copy and design.

You understand funnels and how to keep users moving through them.

You love finding customer pain points & decision points and formulating split-tests utilizing this research.

You iterate fast. 

You don’t let molehills become mountains — if you’re waiting on someone for X so you can do Y, you might instead formulate a completely different way to go about it if that someone takes too long to get you what you need. 

To you, progress is better than perfect.

You look for big wins — but you don’t count on them, and chug away at the small fractional wins knowing they compound into big wins.

This position grants a lot of autonomy.

You enjoy meetings to brainstorm direction, angles, and interesting research — but then you like to go play in your corner and figure things out yourself.

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