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Headquarters: Kitchener, Ontario


Smile is the largest provider of reward programs in the world. We reward tens of millions of people every year, and power rewards programs for over 60,000 businesses around the globe. We’re celebrating explosive growth and we need your help empowering every entrepreneur to grow their brand and build lasting relationships with their customers.

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Community Manager to join our Merchant Experience (MX) team and support both MX and Product with deep-seated customer empathy and an emphatic community-first mindset. Just like how UX Designers advocate for the best user experience with a product, the Community Manager will be the advocate for – and driving force behind – creating a community of e-commerce enthusiasts, and/or Smile customers, from the ground up.

As the first Community Manager at Smile, you need to be passionate about e-commerce. You read articles and blogs about it, you listen to podcasts about it, and you may even run your own e-commerce business (full time, or on the side).
If you have experience in community building, social media marketing, and a passion for storytelling, we’d love to hear from you.

About the role:

Listening – listening to what’s going on in the world of commerce. That means identifying news, businesses, brands, and people of interest and influence in the e-commerce world, and researching and learning what they care about as people and professionals. This also means being up to date on Smile, our features, and our role within e-commerce.

Engaging – engaging with the audience above. That could mean via Facebook Groups, Twitter, Quora, e-commerce forums, etc., It does not mean only posting about Smile or joining in loyalty-specific conversations. We aren’t going to force Smile inorganically into conversations, and we want to help all merchants, supporting them regardless of whether they are using, or will ever use, Smile.

Creating – creating well-designed content and digital resources that are useful to the entire realm of ecommerce. That could mean Twitter threads, on-demand video, or a new podcast. We want to add as much value to our community as we can, tapping into your own skills as well as the expertise of the Smile team and the community at large.


  • Monitor existing/new social media channels and e-commerce forums to engage in value-adding discussions within e-commerce
  • Grow the reach, depth, and interconnectedness of the community
  • Content creation – copy, design, video, audio – plus whatever else you come up with
  • Identify, highlight, and delight incredible merchants
  • Spearhead new community-focused initiatives that make Smile the place ecommerce brands want to be because it feels good to grow with Smile.
What You Need:
  • Passion for ecommerce
  • Proven background in community building (preferably in ecommerce)
  • Appreciation for good storytelling, and knowing how to tell those stories best across different channels
  • Ability to develop engaging, value-adding, and relationship-forming communications and campaigns.
  • Strength translating analytics and results into actionable, empathetic insights

Everyone at Smile is driven by these core values:
  1. Be Humble – think of the team before thinking of yourself. We have no room for massive egos.
  2. Be Hungry – set hard goals, ask lots of questions and learn every day.
  3. Be Human – show empathy towards others, consider the impact of your decisions on other teams.
We know that as a business is in constant evolution – the same is true of our people. We’re here to support each other in our growth, so we talk openly about our career & personal goals. With such a diverse team of people, we know we can offer you the mentorship, tools and encouragement you need to grow.

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