(Senior) C++ Software Engineer


Generate is a Boston-based MIT-spin off technology company with the mission to digitize one of the world’s largest and least digital industries: the 12-trillion-dollar Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector.

We are building a software platform to transform the way buildings are designed and built— think SIMs 4, but instead of creating virtual habitats, it will be used to create real-world buildings. If implemented at scale, our technology has the capacity to tackle the global climate and housing crises, by accelerating the deployment of cost-effective, sustainable building materials and systems.

Our team is seeking a Senior C++ Software Engineer rockstar to develop and deploy the technology at scale.



In this role, you will:

  • Work as part of a small development team in a lean engineering environment on incremental releases of an upcoming design software with a planned public launch in Q4 2021. You will make significant contributions to the software’s structure and features with an ever-present focus on customer needs.
  • Provide consistent and valuable technical leadership on major aspects of the product development process — multi-user support, server-client replication, computational geometry, procedural geometry generation, history systems, inferencing and constraint systems, and building information modeling systems.
  • Contribute expertise and intuition to monthly feature development workshops, weekly sprint planning meetings, and quick daily-check-ins.
  • Engage in open-ended workshop sessions, to get from “a user wants to do X” to “here is how we will implement X, given our project structure.”
  • Collaborate with our small, cross-functional team of game designers, architects, and designers, communicating the how and why of our development approach.



  • Deep, intuitive understanding of C++ and modern software design principles.
  • Track record in the software, technology or game industries.
  • Experience building and shipping successful products or games.
  • Comfort with the lean product development process in a startup environment: including regular pivots, difficult choices about resource prioritization, and an emphasis on product-market fit.
  • A drive to understand and solve complex problems with novel, creative, and intuitive solutions.
  • An ability to communicate and collaborate well, both virtually and in person.
  • Familiarity with version control.
  • You are hungry. You are an innovator. You need to make an impact on the AEC industry.




  • With computational and procedural mesh geometry
  • With Unreal Engine or Unity3D.
  • In the CAD industry (Autodesk, Dassault, OnShape, SolidWorks, etc.).
  • In the Video Games industry.
  • In the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.
  • With JavaScript systems (Redux, React, TypeScript, Next.js, etc.).
  • With multiplayer games, inventory management systems and item customization systems

Please include links to your work samples in the “Experience Summary” section of the application. We are looking for candidates in the US or Canada.

Generate is remote work first with a willingness to discuss relocation to Boston, Massachusetts: a global epicenter of technological innovation. 

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