RightMetric: Digital Marketing Strategy Researcher

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

URL: https://rightmetric.co/

[The Mission]

The Mission of the Digital Strategy Researcher is to create compelling, data-backed visual case studies about the best digital marketing strategies being executed in the real-world today. These case studies power the RightMetric Insight Library, which equips marketing leaders around the world with no-fluff, data-backed insights that answer tough digital marketing challenges as the landscape evolves.

[The Day-to-Day]

  • We minimize meetings, but stay social: RightMetric is a fully remote team. The research team holds a morning huddle, mostly to say hey. Company all-hands is held every 2 weeks. Most people on the team have one or two 1:1 meetings per week, again primarily to keep in touch socially while working remote. Otherwise, our culture is to minimize pointless meetings.
  • Deep Research: It’s a huge part of this role. Expect long periods of uninterrupted research work using our world-class marketing intelligence tools to identify and quantify winning marketing strategies.
  • Explore Top Performing Brands’ Activities Across All Digital Channels: Our research covers all currently relevant digital marketing channels, from advertising, to content, to SEO, affiliate marketing, app marketing, and beyond.
  • Building Case Studies: We share insights with our clients using visual data stories. Not being too fancy about it — we create case studies using Google Slides. Again, this is typically deep and focused individual work, along with some remote collaboration with the team to get their thoughts and feedback as you’re building stories.
  • Lightweight, but creative data manipulation & visualization: We hand build all charts and other viz used in our case studies. You definitely don’t need to be a data viz expert or data scientist, but being able to create extremely concise writing paired with ultra-digestible visuals based on solid data analysis is key to success. Our team has a Data & Design Specialist who handles most of the time consuming data cleaning to allow our research team to focus on seeking out stories and building narratives.
  • Collab with the team: Naturally, a good deal of banter, gifs, and memes are created and shared via Basecamp while working (If you’re not familiar with it, Basecamp is like a simplified, non-intrusive combo of Slack and Asana). We chat throughout the day as we work together to complete projects.
  • Work on side projects: Pretty much everyone on our small team (7 people) helps out with things outside their core research role. We’re all marketers here, so this includes things like running our email list, social, website, doing design work, and supporting podcast production. We wear many hats to mix things up.
  • We like organization: Almost everything we do is well-documented in our Employee Handbook, Business Plan, KPI dashboard, and various SOPs.
  • We try to only use a few tools, calm ones: We use Basecamp for (almost) all team communication, task tracking, and project management; and GSuite for Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

[The Compensation & Perks]

  • Salary: $60,000 – $70,000 CAD, depending on experience level of the candidate. Experience criteria are detailed below.
  • Vacation: 5 Weeks Paid Vacation, which includes 2 weeks of mandatory paid time off holiday break at the end of December each year. Additional paid & unpaid vacation beyond 5 weeks is considered on request. We want everyone to be well rested and do everything we can to avoid burnout.
  • Full Benefits: 100% Coverage of Dental, Vision, Massage, Physio, Acupuncture, Naturopath, Life, Loss of Income etc.
  • Unlimited Sick Days
  • Educational stipends: Considered on request
  • Flexible Working Hours: We have a shared expectation that KPIs are met, team members participate in our culture, and everyone attends a few key meetings. Beyond that, work when you want.
  • Fully Remote Team: Pre, during, and Post-Covid; we work remote. We do have a back-up office available in downtown Vancouver for local team members who need it.
  • Work-Life Boundaries are respected: Once you share your working hours, the team won’t bug you outside that time, ever.
  • Apple Equipment: Dat new new
  • Home office stipend: Considered on request.

[The Work]

  • Identify stories to tell: Use a combination of sources to identify truly great marketing strategies being executed ‘out in the wild’ by brands in select consumer industries today. Successfully identifying great stories to tell will mean relying on a combination of your own experience as a marketing strategist, a holistic awareness of the current state of the art of marketing, and mastery of RightMetric’s world class marketing intelligence toolkit to perform quantitative and qualitative research. Newer team members are supported by senior team members in the identification of stories.
  • Deconstruct great marketing strategies into simple narratives: Once you’ve identified a great marketing story to tell, it’s up to you to translate it into a clear and concise case study that RightMetric’s clients can quickly understand and translate into strategy at their own brand. Success will rely on an ability to simplify complex concepts without losing meaning, extremely strong written communication skills, and an eye for visual design, especially when it comes to visualizing data to tell the story. Newer team members are supported by senior team members in the construction of case study narratives.
  • Build a ‘defendable case’ for why stories matter: For the most part, we only share marketing stories with our clients when we can back them up with data, either from our marketing intelligence tools or third party sources. We believe that if we’re going to suggest that our clients adopt a given marketing strategy that it be quantifiably proven to be effective. Success will rely on strong skills in logic, forming and explaining arguments, and using data to back up assertions.
  • Quality assure your work: It’s up to you to complete work that is ready for publication to our clients and—in some cases—the public. Success will rely on an eye for detail, both written and visually.
  • Collaborate with the team: Support the rest of the research team to identify and create their own compelling case studies. Most of our work is individual, but we frequently compare notes and ideas to support each other.
  • Find and execute side projects: Depending on your skills, you’ll support the whole team by finding things that you can help with outside core research work. Are you an accounting wiz? We’d love your help with RightMetric’s financial modelling. Do you have a background in email marketing? Grow our list! You get the idea 🙂 We’re a small team and it takes input from everyone to keep things moving forward. We also find that it’s nice to mix things up and take a break from deep research & writing work via side projects. Success will rely on being the kind of person that enjoys proactively finding and solving problems outside their job description. “If the floor is dirty, I’ll sweep the floor”.
  • Strengthen methodologies: RightMetric has developed a set of unique methodologies to identify, measure, and deconstruct marketing strategies. As a member of our research team, we’ll rely on you to continuously strengthen, expand, and document these methodologies. Success will rely on an ability to distill and document your process, while continuously refining and removing old methodological elements that have been superseded.

[Skills & Experience Needed]

  • 3+ Years experience in digital marketing: At brands or agencies. Please note that this level of pure digital marketing experience is a basic requirement to be successful in the role and that other business, project management, or sales experience won’t be considered as meeting this requirement.
  • Canadian Resident: Sorry friends in the US and elsewhere! For this role we’re limited to Canadians eh.
  • Awareness of marketing best practices that:
  • Is focused on digital — But if you’re an OG that’s worked in TV, radio, print, or OOH that’s definitely not a bad thing!
  • Is broad — You’re familiar with many channels & tactics, from social to search to email and beyond.
  • Is relatively deep — You can uncover insights that CMOs *and* specialists find useful.
  • Is focused on mid & large-sized B2C brands — B2B and ABM style marketing is not the focus of our research.
  • Spans a variety of consumer industries — Experience at multiple brands or agencies will be useful.
  • Is current: You keep very up to date with the state of the art of marketing.
  • Are data backed: You’re familiar with making a case for a marketing strategy using data.
  • Are not data backed: You understand that data isn’t everything and that the art of marketing is far from dead.
  • Extremely strong non-verbal communication skills
  • Native / total fluency in written and spoke English.
  • Writing that is clear, concise, and specific.
  • You make great decks to communicate ideas.
  • You can build well-designed & clear charts of all kinds.
  • Your written communication has very few errors.
  • Skills with marketing research & analytics tools: You’ve taken the time to master some tools in past marketing roles.
  • Teamwork: You have experience (and enjoy) collaborating with other team members, both providing and receiving constructive critical feedback.
  • Documentation: You have experience creating and sharing instructional documentation that other team members regularly reference.


It matters to us a lot. There’s no ping pong tables or bean bag chairs here. Please deeply consider these cultural values before applying.

  • Systems & Organization: We don’t fly by the seat of our pants. We find the best way to do things and repeat that process.
  • Freedom & Responsibility: We get shit done and then take lots of time to enjoy life outside of work.
  • Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held: We care a lot & share our opinions, but will change them if presented with evidence.
  • Ownership: We hold our work to an extremely high standard & take sole responsibility for it.
  • Radical Candour: We give *and* seek respectful and constructive feedback proactively.
  • Calm & Flexible: We strive for structure, realistic deadlines, & respecting boundaries, but are willing to hustle & deliver when murphy’s law kicks in.
  • Humanity: We’re all weird, flawed, humans. Work is more fun when we share our true selves.
  • Passion: We have a true fascination with internet marketing. If we didn’t work would be boring.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested and qualified we would love to hear from you 🙂

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