PIXO Inc.: Visual Content Creator (Images & Video)

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

URL: https://www.pixo.co/

Who we are:

PIXO makes products where ‘designing is easily and entertaining’. We believe that the only products that succeed in the app market are when users are fully satisfied, therefore putting a lot of effort and concern on usability. To make better products, we constantly learn and set goals based on data. For healthy team culture and teamwork, we are improving work processes through transparent information sharing and free exchange of opinions between teams.

  • PIXO makes global products. Main products are Logo Maker Shop, Baby Story, and Grapic and productivity apps globally serviced in 12 languages. Each year the apps were featured on the main page of the App Store around the world including North America, and over 99% of Pixo’s products achieved cumulative downloads of 10 million overseas users. Currently, hundreds of thousands of users use PIXO products in various countries. We mainly service iOS apps, and are preparing to expand to the Android platform.

  • PIXO focuses solely on making and improving apps. With an environment where stable profits are generated through steady growth without external investors or partners, you can solely focus on your own projects in a free atmosphere. In the process of releasing and growing products, new challenges are always open with opportunities to develop a sense of various product fields.

  • PIXO creates an autonomous and role-driven team culture. Products are developed with a small number of people, undergoing trial and error, thus creating a desirable team culture. Solid teamwork and work processes are achieved through code reviews, peer reviews, and sprints. We aim for a role-driven organizational culture based on mutual trust and respect.

PIXO is looking for valuable companions to advance existing services and prepare new services for a bigger leap forward. If you want to have a take on boosting our products’ growth, create a good team, and grow together, please apply!

What you’ll do:

  • Manage image & video strategy for our app marketing channels (Facebook Ads, Google Ads) harnessing strategy, digital and brand design, compelling content, and results focused.
  • Produce fresh, innovative art direction and creative strategy that translates complex ideas into compelling digital materials and digital experiences for visually sophisticated audiences.
  • Mobile app marketing, promotion content direction design, planning, production, and operation
  • Planning and production of creative advertising materials to achieve KPI’s (image, video, copy, etc.)
  • Measure efficiency by channel, performance analysis and insight with techniques such as A/B testing and optimization

Who You Are:

  • You have 3+ years of experience in content and brand marketing
  • You have a rich creative vision with a strong ability to connect art, marketing and business.
  • You are familiar with design tools such as Photoshop, Illustration, Lightroom, Premiere, etc.
  • You have set and achieved performance indicators on various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram.
  • You have experience in increasing Organic Reach with planned content
  • You have strong interest in branding, design aesthetics, and late trends
  • You can bring insights by linking performance efficiency and creativity
  • You have smooth collaboration and communication skills

Bonus Points if You Have:

  • Experience in app service content marketing
  • Enjoys internet culture such as online community, social media, memes, etc.
  • The ability to tell stories that potential users and existing users will be immersed in
  • Quick response to public interests, social issues, and trends
  • Experience in using tracking solutions such as Appsflyer

Recruitment Process

  1. Resume, Portfolio Review
  2. Recruitment Assignment 
    • Take-home assignment done at your own pace and tools
    • A number of simple tasks to evaluate required skillsets
    • Tasks include creating images & a short video based on our virtual data
    • Should take no more than 5 hours of actual time
    • Compensation for completing the task is given regardless of employment
  3. Online Interview 
    • Online interview is setup via Zoom, text-only
    • That’s how we work day-to-day, so we want to interact with you in that medium
    • A short explanatory presentation is required for the submitted recruitment assignment
    • During the interview, we ask general questions along with technical questions based on the received recruitment assignment, and discuss how we can effectively create and collaborate on marketing materials with the team members.
    • Subjects cover motivation, design depth, problem solving, managing complexity
    • You have plenty of opportunity to ask questions too.
  4. Trial 
    • Help both of us to determine mutual compatibility and let us evaluate your work, communication, and effectiveness
    • Helps us evaluate communication and discover issues to be improved.
    • This work is paid, part-time, and designed to last between two and four weeks, for a total of around 40 hours of work(Maximum 4 hours of work per day)
    • This is very flexible, and we’ll craft it to work with your schedule – both when you can start and what your availability is
  5. Offer 
    • The point at which we discuss start date
    • Online Contract
    • We can be very flexible about start dates, in order to accommodate things like notice to previous employers or time off prior to commencing employment with PIXO.


  • Supports all required software
  • Paid Accounts (Such as Shutterstock)
  • Opportunities to attend trainings, workshops or conferences.
  • Paid time off]plus your local holidays.
  • Provides accommodation and meals when visiting Korea

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