Pillser: Remote Full-Stack TypeScript Engineer

Headquarters: Boston, MA

URL: https://pillser.com

About Pillser
Pillser is a privately funded startup revolutionizing healthcare by leveraging AI to help individuals make informed health decisions.

At Pillser, we use AI to analyze the latest research and provide this information to our users in an easy-to-understand format. Our goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare research and the consumers who need it.

We are currently the only healthcare platform that has an ingredient-level information about every commercially available supplement. We combine this information with the insights from our research database to recommend supplements that are most likely to be effective for our users.

We have launched two products so far:
  • https://pillser.com/ask – a chatbot that provides personalized supplement and nutrition advice based on your existing health status and health goals.
  • https://pillser.com/supplements – a database of supplements that includes detailed information about each supplement, including its active ingredients, health benefits, and potential risks.
Our focus is to continue improving the quality, depth, and accuracy of information provided by our platform. We are constantly tweaking and refining how we collect, process, and present information to ensure that Pillser becomes the go-to resource for anyone seeking to find evidence-based information about supplements and nutrition.

About the Role
You will be the first engineer other than the founder. The founder is heavily technical and has a strong background in AI and healthcare.

In this role, you will collaborate with the founder to ideate and build a product that will make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Tech Stack
  • TypeScript
  • Remix
  • React
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Temporal
  • OpenAI / Anthropic
Explore our Engineering Blog at https://pillser.com/engineering

  • Proficiency in TypeScript, React, and Node.js
  • Experience building applications that heavily utilize LLMs
  • Interest in learning about healthcare and nutrition
  • Based in Europe or North America
Furthermore, we deeply care about our user well-being, safety, and privacy. Therefore, you will be expected to have a strong understanding of the ethical implications of AI and healthcare, security, accessibility, and to be able to navigate these complex issues with integrity and transparency.

$90K – $130K / 1% – 2%

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