Miko – Lead Java Developer

Role – Senior / Lead Java Developer

Experience- 4yrs+


About Miko 

Miko is an advanced consumer robotics innovation lab focused on the mission of bringing robotics and AI to every consumer’s home. Founded by young and dynamic entrepreneurs from IIT Bombay, Miko is a global deep tech company with offices in the US, UK, and India and a customer base across 140+ countries. Focused on taking Robotics and AI to every consumer home, Miko is the first of its kind “content on subscription” hardware platform for kids powered by patented technology.

Our latest flagship product, Miko 3 (www.miko.ai), is a playful learning robot that engages, educates, and entertains kids. Launched simultaneously across the US, UK, India, and UAE in 2021, Miko 3 is a unique offering that focuses on the learning and development of the child through self-initiated contextual topics with children to enable conversational learning. It hosts a powerful marketplace for third party content partners to plug their content and connect with Miko users via subscription.

Miko 3 is powered by a proprietary emotional intelligence and adaptive personality engine, a complex conversational and multilingual AI framework, edge and hybrid speech and vision recognition, and an active learning and behavioral analysis engine. All of this is built over an autonomous navigation system, which enables Miko to offer a range of benefits for the user. The team at Miko team is an interdisciplinary team consisting of team members from electronics, embedded system, mechanical, industrial, robotics and AI engineering domains, Human Robot Interface designers, UI/UX designers, mobile and cloud software engineers, content creators, artists, mathematicians, neuropsychologists, marketing and sales mavericks, Customer support professionals and knowledge partners.

About the Role

As a result of our rapid growth, we are looking for a Java Backend Engineer to join our existing Cloud Engineering team and take the lead in the design and development of several key initiatives of our existing Miko3 product line as well as our new product development initiatives.


• Designing, developing and maintaining core system features, services and engines

• Collaborating with a cross functional team of the backend, Mobile application, AI, signal

processing, robotics Engineers, Design, Content, and Linguistic Team to realize the

requirements of conversational social robotics platform which includes investigate

design approaches, prototype new technology, and evaluate technical feasibility

• Ensure the developed backend infrastructure is optimized for scale and responsiveness

• Ensure best practices in design, development, security, monitoring, logging, and DevOps

adhere to the execution of the project.

• Introducing new ideas, products, features by keeping track of the latest developments

and industry trends

• Operating in an Agile/Scrum environment to deliver high quality software against

aggressive schedules


• Proficiency in distributed application development lifecycle (concepts of

authentication/authorization, security, session management, load balancing, API

gateway), programming techniques and tools (application of tested, proven

development paradigms)

• Proficiency in working on Linux based Operating system.

• Proficiency in at least one server-side programming language like Java. Additional

languages like Python and PHP are a plus

• Proficiency in at least one server-side framework like Servlets, Spring, java spark (Java).

• Proficient in using ORM/Data access frameworks like Hibernate,JPA with spring or other

server-side frameworks.

• Proficiency in at least one data serialization framework: Apache Thrift, Google

ProtoBuffs, Apache Avro,Google Json,JackSon etc.

• Proficiency in at least one of inter process communication frameworks WebSocket’s,

RPC, message queues, custom HTTP libraries/frameworks ( kryonet, RxJava ), etc.

• Proficiency in multithreaded programming and Concurrency concepts (Threads, Thread

Pools, Futures, asynchronous programming).

• Experience defining system architectures and exploring technical feasibility

tradeoffs (architecture, design patterns, reliability and scaling)

• Experience developing cloud software services and an understanding of design for

scalability, performance and reliability

• Good understanding of networking and communication protocols, and proficiency in

identification CPU, memory & I/O bottlenecks, solve read & write-heavy workloads.

• Proficiency is concepts of monolithic and microservice architectural paradigms.

• Proficiency in working on at least one of cloud hosting platforms like Amazon AWS,

Google Cloud, Azure etc.

• Proficiency in at least one of database SQL, NO-SQL, Graph databases like MySQL,

MongoDB, Orientdb

• Proficiency in at least one of testing frameworks or tools JMeter, Locusts, Taurus

• Proficiency in at least one RPC communication framework: Apache Thrift, GRPC is an

added plus

• Proficiency in asynchronous libraries (RxJava), frameworks (Akka),Play,Vertx is an added


• Proficiency in functional programming ( Scala ) languages is an added plus

• Proficiency in working with NoSQL/graph databases is an added plus

• Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git is an added plus

• Working Knowledge of tools for server, application metrics logging and monitoring and

is a plus Monit, ELK, graylog is an added plus

• Working Knowledge of DevOps containerization utilities like Ansible, Salt, Puppet is an

added plus

• Working Knowledge of DevOps containerization technologies like Docker, LXD is an

added plus

• Working Knowledge of container orchestration platform like Kubernetes is an added


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