Full Stack Engineer (Visual Data Focused)

Headquarters: Austin, TX


Now Hiring: Remote Full Stack Engineer (Visual Data Focused)

💰 $50-100/hr

🚀 High Growth

🔑 Work with the Founder

🗺 U.S. preferred but open to Europe and South America

We are searching for a Full-Stack Engineer who is high in empathy, passionate about crypto, and has an entrepreneurial spirit to join the team.

Our mission: To build the homepage of crypto, with live prices, news, and guides:

“Why build another crypto price website?”

People are terrified of crypto, and much of the current data and education is hard to understand. We will hold people’s hands as they enter the scary world of crypto, allowing them to understand the numbers, what they mean, and how to interact with the crypto economy.

Our Team

We are all fully remote and love what we do. Currently, there’s the founder Sam, two full-time engineers in India, and one marketer in the Netherlands. We’re all excited to be growing and to welcome a new team member!

The Role

The new Full-Stack Engineer we bring on will be implementing new features to as well as maintaining existing features.

Here are some examples of new features:

  • For every cryptocurrency, display a chart on the coin’s inflation. Implement the UI and backend logic to make this happen (bonus points – figure out how to get this data if not available through an existing API)
  • Build a user login system
Soft Skills We’re Looking For:
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Passionate about crypto
  • Released interesting project(s) in the past
  • Humble, intrinsically motivated
  • Reads, podcasts, meditates, exercises
Required Hard Skills
  • Frontend – ReactJS
  • Backend – node, AWS
  • Good design sense
Compensation and Other Details
  • Compensation: $50-100/hr
  • The U.S. is the preferred location but we are open to applicants in Europe
  • This is a full-time, contract role

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