Lyfa: Marketing and Communications Lead (German speaking)

Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland


About Us

At Lyfa we believe that reusable packaging is the solution to single-use packaging, just as long as it’s convenient for people.

Our mission is to make it simple, convenient and accessible for people to live waste-free, and with reusable packaging, home delivery and reverse logistics, our zero-waste e-grocery service is doing just that.

We are based in Switzerland but we have big ambitions to conquer Europe and become the no.1 for waste-free shopping. We are still in our early days, but with seed funding secured we are now bringing in new faces to build a great team that will drive the company forward.

Having recently secured our Seed financing, we are now expanding our team and searching for passionate people to join us in our vision of making grocery shopping sustainable.

Your Mission

You will take on a key role alongside the founding team. As one of our earliest hires, you will be treated more like a co-founder than an employee and be involved in key company decisions and strategy.

You will develop and execute a fully-fledged marketing strategy.
As an early stage start-up, we always have to maximise the bang for the buck, therefore you will need to combine growth hacks, digital marketing and brand positioning to create an efficient GTM strategy that will scale our consumer business.

You will run campaigns. Leading work with interns, agencies and consultants, you will drive the execution of our marketing strategy and campaigns, and be accountable for their results.

You will communicate with our customers. Whether through newsletters, questionnaires, emails or adverts, you will set up touch points with our customers so that as a team we can iterate on our product and positioning until we achieve product-market fit.

You’re good at

You understand customer goals, concerns, and challenges. Thanks to your previous experience, you know which screws need to be turned to drive forward a consumer facing business and brand.

You are familiar with the tech. Whether it’s digital marketing, CRM software or data analytics, you know how to use the tools needed to execute and analyse a marketing strategy.

You can deliver now and plan for the future. You have the ability to develop, execute, and communicate a long-term vision, while also delivering on immediate priorities

You have a passion for consumer facing products and brands.
You understand how important developing our brand is and you have a real passion for building and marketing a great product.

You are a natural communicator.
You have always found it easy to speak with anyone, and have a natural ability to adapt the way you communicate depending on the situation.

You radiate positive energy and creativity.
You love to be an active participant in collaborative workshops and meetings. You constantly bounce ideas off colleagues and bring positive energy into each interaction.

You care about sustainability.
At Lyfa our goal is to make grocery shopping more sustainable. For you this is matters just as much as disrupting a market and achieving targets.

Your profile

You are based in Europe.

You have native German fluency.

You have good working English.

You have a proven track record
. You have experience in marketing, perhaps at a start-up, either way you understand what it takes to market and communicate a new product.

You take ownership.
You love responsibility and making things happen. You are an energetic self-starter ready to make an impact

You are a team player
. You understand that we can only be successful as a team. Like us, you are fair, honest, and respectful — and you are ready to have a lot of fun, knowing that the biggest rewards lie ahead of us.

What you will get at Lyfa

Work from wherever makes you happy. Lyfa is based in Basel, Switzerland, but we believe in working wherever feels most comfortable. We do of course like to meet up every once in a while, so expect the odd trip to Switzerland every now and again.

A competitive salary. As a funded start-up, we provide a fair salary and understand that the main financial rewards will come to us in the future.

A sizeable equity stake in our company. You will be treated as an equal partner, not an employee, that’s why as one of our first hires you will also take equity ownership of the company vested over a number of years.

Complete transparency. In our company development and in our decision making, meaning input in every-day decisions and in the overall direction of the company.

Your opinion matters.
We trust you to make the best decisions to achieve your goals and we are always around to challenge or be challenged.

A fun, flexible and dynamic working life.
We work hard but we also have our own lives to live, that means we are flexible and expect flexibility as long as we are having fun and getting things done.

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