Leadable: Client Growth Manager (USA Timezone)

Headquarters: Ireland

URL: https://www.leadable.io/about

Are You Great At Outbound Sales And Have A Passion For Project Management?

Then this opportunity is exactly what you are looking for.
But first, a little bit about us…

Who We Are And Why We Exist

The last thing that the world needed in 2019 was another lead generation agency. There are tens of thousands of them globally and the reputation of the industry is less than stellar.
Nonetheless, SMEs and startups still struggle with attracting Enterprise clients. Leadable was created to help growth companies with this problem.
What sets us apart from the competition is our quality over quantity, hyper-personalized approach to outbound. And we focus exclusively on tech startups and agencies.
Our goal is to be seen as the market leader for personalized outbound sales in both the USA and EMEA. That’s why we want you to join our rapidly-growing team as a Client Growth Manager.
But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to join us?

7 Reasons To Join Leadable As A Client Growth Manager

1. Combine Outbound Sales, Project Management, And Account Management
You are great at lead generation and outbound sales in general. It comes naturally to you. But you don’t want it to be all that defines you professionally.
You’re also great at project management (keeping tabs on many developments at once). You love interacting with clients and delivering real value to them. And you’re great at copywriting too.
You won’t have to choose between your professional passions and interests when you start working in this role. You will get to combine them all.

2. Use Hyper-Personalization
We specialise in opening doors for SMEs and startups with senior decision-makers in large organizations.
Our clients’ pool of potential prospects is often finite, so we can’t adopt a ‘spray and pray’ approach to their entire market. Instead, we run low-volume, hyper-personalized campaigns across email, phone, LinkedIn, video, and direct mail to niche groups.
If that sounds like your thing, we want to work with you. It will be your job to manage these campaigns at a high level for our clients.

3. Help Top-Notch Growth Companies
Sales development is easiest when you have a valuable product or service to offer – which is the case in this job.
This is reflected by the kind of companies we work with, typically VC-backed SaaS companies or creative marketing agencies with large average contract values.
Still, your work is most interesting when it hasn’t all been figured out for you already – which is also the case in this job.
Our clients will need your guidance. You will work with them to help define their Ideal Customer Profile and find ways to approach prospects that match it.

4. Make A True Difference For Our Clients
A Sales Development function is the quickest possible route to predictable revenue. But it’s normally out of reach for SMEs and startups because of its high costs.
Leadable brings the benefits of a designated Sales Development function at a fraction of the cost.
For our clients, it means getting access to potential clients they wouldn’t have reached otherwise – and, in turn, growing much faster than they would have otherwise.
It also means that your work at Leadable will make a true difference.

5. Rapid Growth
There are a lot of lead generation agencies out there, and though we are still relatively young, we have very ambitious goals to be the leader in our industry.
We address a critical problem for our clients and we do it well, and thankfully, the market has responded. We are growing fast and will likely continue to do so.
Joining a rapidly-growing company means rapid growth for you too.
If you perform, your responsibilities will expand and there will be plenty of opportunities.

6. Work Remotely
Our clients are from around the globe. So having a global remote team is a necessity for our business. Besides, we don’t want to limit our team’s talent pool to the 50-mile radius of our office.
But it also means that our employees get to enjoy the benefits of remote work.
No commute, fewer interruptions, so much more done in the same amount of time. On top of that, we prioritize communication so that everybody feels as though they are part of a physical team.
You too will get to enjoy the benefits of remote work when you join Leadable.

7. Select Team Of A-Players
Our goals are big. To achieve them, we are building an extraordinary team.
Of course, your colleagues will be talented and hard-working. That’s a good starting point. But to get where we’re going, we also need exceptional company culture.
Our Core Values ensure that we get results, continue to get better, and are a positive influence on each other and the people we interact with.
Join us, and you’ll be surrounded by other go-getters that are a pleasure to work with.

What Will You Do As A Client Growth Manager?

Main Responsibilities
  • Act as point of contact and Account Manager for your client portfolio and handle all onboarding, strategy sessions, reporting, and renewal / upsell opportunities.
  • Write strategic, high-level outbound sales copy for each client campaign.
  • Liaise with both the Sales Copywriting team to craft personalized messaging for each prospect we target (this will be weaved into the general copy which you write) and the Operations team to build lists of contacts based on your client’s requirements.
  • Execute and manage all outbound sales sequences on behalf of your client portfolio.
  • Break through the noise of outbound sales by leveraging video, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
As your client portfolio will be based in the USA, your working hours will be based around these time zones. This is a fully remote role and we will accept candidates between GMT-8 (Pacific) to GMT-5 (Eastern), with a preference for those closer to GMT-5.

What We Expect From You

Minimum Requirements
  • At least three years of sales or marketing experience with a track record of being promoted (if you have neither, but you have a good story as to why not, we’ll listen).
  • Experience working with startups or SMEs where you had to adapt to changes on a regular basis.
  • Project management and general organization come naturally to you.
  • Tech literate – you should like, and be very comfortable with, technology.
  • Organized and with an eye for detail (how you apply will tell us this immediately). This cannot be stressed enough as you will be managing a portfolio of clients simultaneously and will need to meticulously manage campaigns, tasks, and your team’s workload every day.
  • Fluent English speaker with excellent copywriting writing skills.
  • You add the word panda to the subject line of your application.
  • You have good interpersonal skills and can present yourself professionally* on a Zoom call or in a video pitch to a prospect.
    (*This is not about wearing a tie. It means being able to lead a Zoom meeting with a CEO or Director with confidence.)
  • Innovative ways to capture the attention of prospects with outbound sales excite you and you actively seek them out (how you apply will also tell us this immediately).

What We Would Love To See
  • Experience with writing copy for outbound sales which was personalized.
  • Experience with working as part of a remote team for a sustained period of time.
  • Experience with outbound sales tech platforms.
  • Experience with project management tools (we use Asana).
Our business model is based on breaking through the noise. Your application should reflect this.

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