Lead Frontend Developer

Have you ever been to a shopping site and become overwhelmed with choices? How often have you spent hours and hours agonizing over your shopping decisions?  Not anymore. Bestever is about to radicalize the way people shop. We are a discovery-driven social commerce app democratizing reviews. Our goal is to help users make decisions quickly by watching UGC recommendations for the product (using algorithms to predict what videos people love and find most helpful). It’s like Yelp meets TikTok but way cooler! 


We just raised a pre-seed round from some of the world’s best VCs, and am now looking for a founding engineer, who could turn into a head of engineering or CTO, depending on experience and how things work between us.


Benefits include:

  • Market-rate salary
  • Very generous equity
  • Health & dental coverage
  • Fully remote — the company has no HQ, though we do prefer that team members spend most of their time somewhere in the Americas (Canada, US, LatAm, Western Europe) so time zones aren’t out of whack
  • Lots of fun joining a no-nonsense startup that just wants to build an amazing product and business

You should have:

  • A great work ethic
  • Solid communication skills (important when working remotely)
  • At least 3 years of experience as an engineer
  • Ideally, experience in any of:
    • React
    • Swift/Obj C 
    • NodeJS + Express
    • Typescript

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