KosmoTime: Product Manager / Analytics Manager

Headquarters: New York

URL: https://kosmotime.com

We at KosmoTime have the goal to re-invent personal productivity.  Our recently launched app calendar app integrates with task management, time tracking and distraction blocking to help busy professionals achieve new levels of productivity.
One of our co-founders, Martin, is a Data Scientist previously working in the AI department of Facebook. Our other co-founder Nicolas is also CEO of Chili Piper, a super fast growing Sales Tech SaaS company with close to 100 employees over the world. We believe that KosmoTIme can be as successful or even more successful in the coming year.

We’re looking for someone super talented to work with the founders to keep improving our product, by constantly monitoring our usage data, suggesting improvements, leading their implementation and testing their adoption.

This position is a combination of two roles, Product Manager and Analytics Manager, because we believe that the modern way to build a B2C app is to be data-driven. 

Responsibilities include:
  • Build reports and dashboards in mixpanel (or alternative analytics system) to monitor & analyze our adoption & usage
  • Constantly suggest product improvements to increase adoption
  • Track in Asana (or alternative) the features to be built and their status
  • Coordinate with our designer & engineers the actual implementation of new features & bug fixes
  • Communicate to our user base 
  • Write user guide and support tutorials

We’re looking for someone PASSIONATE about productivity.

We value TALENT over experience as long as evidence of such talent is already visible.

Our Company is 100% distributed so all locations are welcome

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