SaaS Product Manager — be the CEO of the product

Headquarters: Miami, FL


We are looking for a product manager (located outside of USA) to contract our team to help lead the roadmap for our portfolio of SaaS. Our vision is to bring in properties that need some love and push them to become the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, UX, and winning. Read more about us:

We are looking for a SaaS product manager who will be responsible for:

1. Product strategy and vision: what is the goal of the product? who is the customer? What are the primary features and use cases? etc?

2. Product prioritization & problem-solving: you will “own” the product roadmap and is responsible for ensuring it has the right trade-offs. Managing the requirements of the customer, weighing it in with the cost from the engineers to make a decision.

3. Execution: timelines, resources, and removal of obstacles: to drive the success of the product, you will work closely with engineering to set and hit the goals on time. This includes i) lobbying for resources or attention from engineering, design, and other functions ii) removing or prioritizing features and providing a clear road map for execution iii) asking dumb questions to see if it’s possible for each function to reduce timelines or remove unneeded features or work and iv) pushing back on extraneous requests, including both internal (design, sales, etc) and external (customers, partners)

4. Communication and coordination – you will organize and communicate team status, progress, obstacles, and functional sequencing to the rest of the organization. This may include driving weekly team status meetings, product reviews with the leadership team, and communicating launch or other timelines across the organization.

What we are looking for
1. Product taste – this means you have the insights and intuition to understand customer needs for a product.. what product features will wow a customer or meet their core needs?

2. Ability to prioritize — what is the value of a proposed product feature vs the engineering work needed to accomplish it? what’s more important – a new product for the sales team or for customers? should we price optimize for consumers or small business owners? what is the 80% of the product that should be launch immediately and what can be pushed to a later version?

3. Ability to execute — a huge part is to convince teams and different resources to launch new features and maintain the product and support the customer base. You will partner with engineering, design, customer support to execute on the product road map.

4. Strategic sensibilities — how is the industry landscape evolving? How can the product be positioned to make an end-run around the competition? etc?

5. Top 10% communication skills — we run in different timezones across the world, people speaking different languages and different cultures. You will need to understand how to communicate tradeoffs to a diverse group of coworkers and external parties.

6. Metrics and data-driven approach — you build what you measure.. you will need to understand what drives a SaaS business forward and what metrics to measure the product by, and then figure out how to optimize it

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