Janne Robinson: Administrative Assistant

Headquarters: Encinitas, California

URL: https://www.jannerobinson.com/

Part-Time Administrative Assistant // Janne Robinson
Location: Remote

About Janne
Janne Robinson is a Renaissance Woman. Her work as an artist, facilitator, poet, director,
author, coach, and speaker is to encourage people to become accessible to their truths. She
believes that our world is sick – and truth is our medicine. When we heal ourselves, we heal this

She wakes up everyday to support and serve people committed to living their truth–personally,
and professionally. Truth is the why behind anything she touches – she believes the keys to our
healing and liberation lies in truth.

Janne Robinson. The truth of who you are belongs.

Who we’re Looking for
Your zone of genius is organization and execution- you can keep all balls in the air while juggling
two with your feet – at the same time, and you make it look effortless. The right candidate for this
position will treat the role as if it were in support of their own business – freeing Janne up to be in
her zone of genius as a creative artist because she can trust you to get what needs to get done,
and you do it well. You have the grit, confidence and courage to come in on day 1, roll up your
sleeves and take on all aspects of the role and accompanying responsibilities. You are
phenomenal at business relationships, understanding personal and professional boundaries,
and problem solving – you take great joy in caring for customers. You aren’t here to fangirl
Janne, and you are comfortable reporting directly to the Operations Manager to ensure Janne’s
business needs are met. You seek a long term home as an Administrative Assistant with room
for growth and expansion as the business grows. Most importantly, you feel fulfilled by your
zone of genius and the core mission of Janne’s business – you believe in the work that she
does. Oh, and you save your drama for your mama because you show up everyday to slay.

Role & Responsibilities
This role reports directly to the Operations Manager
● Management of inbox (Gmail). Uphold inbox zero protocol.
● Management of daily calendar & Janne’s schedule, and requests for her time. Sending
scheduling links etc.
● Input incoming tasks in Asana & management of Asana. Completion of assigned tasks in
● Maintain the organization of personal and company assets (dropbox and google drive,
password upkeep and management).
● Management of communication with third parties—ie bookkeepers, lawyers, ad agency’s
● Booking travel for events/speaking or personal travel needs for Janne.
● Personal tasks for Janne as needed.
● Communicate with the team via Slack.
● Manage customer service for YTIYM Immersion Program. Provide daily customer service
for an online personal development program with 460 customers (Inbox, SamCart,
Zapier, Kajabi, Active Campaign)
○ Billing support
○ Cancellation requests
○ System support
○ Responding to program questions in company voice and tone
○ Resolving disputes with clients/deescalating unhappy customers
● Monitor payment systems daily to ensure all payments are being completed in a timely
manner (SamCart, Stripe)
● Follow up with delinquent customers to recover (Inbox, SamCart)
● All hands on deck support for launches of online group coaching program, books etc.

Required Experience
● Personal Administration experience in the wellness and personal development realm
● 2+ years of your own personal development experience preferred
● Project Management and/or the management of multiple clients/contracts
● Experience in a high-touch Customer Service environment
● Technical experience in managing web software, bonus if experience with: Google Suite,
Zoom, SamCart, Stripe, Dropbox, Kajabi, Active Campaign, Instagram, Facebook & Easy

Your Skills and Traits
● Capacity to work independently with a vast amount of autonomy
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills
● Acumen for receiving communication auditorily
● Detailed oriented – you have the eyes of a HAWK
● Superior time management and organizational skills
● Strong problem-solving skills, exhibiting initiative and a sense of urgency
● Able to think creatively and respond calmly when it comes to quick and unplanned
● Ability to optimize, automate and integrate – you make the complex simple by leveraging
technology to work for us
● Highly organized, with excellent attention to detail; ability to manage multiple projects and
complete tasks by meeting timelines and goals. Always working and thinking five steps
● Quick and efficient. Able to pick things up quickly and optimize their completion.
● High degree of productivity in a flexible, independent work environment where a high
level of initiative and accountability is expected.
● Exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
● Strong written & verbal communication skills with a genuine excitement to support
● Highest degree of integrity and trustworthiness.
● Willing to go above and beyond. Hungry to be here.Committed to showing up as your
best always.

Our shared company values
If you read these values and say to yourself, ”that’s me,” after each one, then you and Janne will
work very well together.

● Honesty + Transparency
○ There are no secrets in this business. You have the intuition and discernment to
determine what I need to know vs. what is nice for me to know. You are brutally
honest in every aspect of your life and work. You have the courage to have 10
minute honest sweaty conversations to get to the root of an issue, move through
it, and move on. You are impeccable at building trust with every person you
interact with, and you do the right thing for Janne as an artist and CEO, our
community and our business.

● Curiosity + Efficiency
○ If something isn’t working, you get curious about how to fix it – at its core. You
bring clarity to the complex and investigate everything before asking questions.
You love to sleuth and are resourceful and efficient in your life and in your work.
Your deep intuition and curiosity drive you to be two steps ahead, always, as you
look under every rock and tap into the resources around you for help when you
don’t know the answer. The company becomes more efficient because of you.

● Integrity
○ This business is built on integrity – how we do one thing is how we do everything.
1 minute late is 1 minute late. You say what you mean and mean what you say.
You have strong moral principles, and you are impeccable with your time and
your word in every interaction you have.

● Radical Accountability
○ A dropped ball affects our entire community and taints the work we are here to
do. Mistakes happen, and when they do, you take full accountability to all parties
involved, apologize respectfully, learn from it, problem solve, move on, and do it
differently next time.

● Respect
○ Your interactions with everyone in our community are laced with respect. You take
and give feedback respectfully and you respect differences of opinion. You
actively listen and your intuitive nature leads you to solve problems and
accomplish goals – leaving everyone you touch feeling seen, heard and honored.

● Responsibility + Ownership
○ You own your shit and slay your stuff. You show up for this work like this is your
own business because you care and intrinsically believe in the value my work
brings to the world. You treat my money like it’s your money. You see things in
your wheelhouse and you just take them, own them and slay them. You don’t
need to be checked in on for deadlines and projects or be babysat. You honor
agreements and go above and beyond for the roles and responsibilities that you

● Empathy + Compassion
○ You see, know, and have compassion for people’s stories. You believe that
everyone is always doing their best and that everyone belongs. You are deeply
intuitive to Janne’s needs and the needs of our community while upholding
boundaries and ensuring that all of your work remains within integrity of your

● Courage
○ You take action in spite of your fears and are always looking 2 steps ahead. You
have the courage to dream, set and accomplish big goals for yourself and the
business through permanent expansion. You know that it’s courageous to ask for
support if you need it. Your courage creates space for the work you are here to

This is a remote part-time role where hours will fluctuate depending on needs of the
organization (1- 4 hrs a day in a normal workweek, 6-8 hr days during launch periods).

In your cover letter please tell me the following:
● Record a 2 minute video on why and how you’d slay this role. Upload your video to
dropbox and provide the hyperlink in your cover letter.
● Describe your personal development experience
● Tell me about your experience supporting someone in a capacity similar to this role
● Using our core values – how would you navigate the below situation?
I am now seeing your emails.
I need to cancel these payments and the course immediately. I have been severely impacted
financially and this has become most present now since the past months.
I have already provided several payments for the course with which I have been dissatisfied
with. I say this with love and honesty as I am hoping my feedback can be of help in some way. I
had previously done 1:1 coaching with Janne. However with the course, I did not see it
delivering on value. I kept doing all the work to see how it would progress but it did not. The
monthly calls also felt like more like youtube interviews & sales sessions to promote the
teacher’s programs/coaching.
I appreciate your help in the matter.
Thank you,

● Bonus question: If applicable please share any previous experience managing and
running a group personal development or wellness program (ideally in a similar industry
to Janne). If you have also had experience managing/operating a Facebook community
for said program please share.
● Bonus Bonus question: Have you managed a social media account (comments, dms,
graphics, created content) for someone in the personal development industry? If so,
please share.

Send Resume/CV and the above to Meagan@RedSageConsultingltd.com by Friday, April 2nd
by 9 am PST.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those candidates selected for 
interviews will be contacted.

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