Input Logic: Full Stack (React/Python) Developer

Headquarters: Nanaimo, BC


We’re on the hunt for a couple of full-stack developers — people who nerd out on Javascript, making interfaces with React, and find real satisfaction crafting true-to-the-design CSS in components, but can also get in there and make the API endpoints needed to bring the frontend to life.

About You
As the right candidate, you have an impressive knowledge and curiosity about all things internet, and you can’t stop yourself from building your own products. You like to read the documentation and go deep, understanding a topic well enough to explain it to others. Dealing with merge conflicts, troubleshooting CORS, rolling API endpoints, lovely form validation, and CSS layout aren’t freaky to you, they’re just part of the job and you’re great at your job. You like to ship software and see how people use it.

Ideally your tool chest includes React, Next, Python, Django, Postgres, Heroku, Vercel, and Linux — but we value good coding fundamentals and a focus on shipping above all. You enjoy learning new frameworks and tools, and enthusiastically share your discoveries with your teammates.

Why this job?
You’ll work with amazingly talented people to create some of the best work of your career, while collaborating directly with founders and product owners at startups and recognizable brands. Alongside our designers and developers, you will bring your work to life, while expanding your network and maintaining great work/life balance. You will make a real impact for potentially millions of everyday app users.

About Input
As a digital product agency, we revel in the joy of the craft and take pride in making apps that people love to use. We seek coworkers who are self-directed learners with enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, intuition for problem-solving, empathy, listening skills, kindness, and respect for diverse perspectives.

Our clients are mostly startups across industries like healthcare, well-being, insurance, finance, and productivity. We’re into work/life balance, side projects, flexible hours, and avoiding unnecessary meetings. Our HQ is in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, but we have teammates across Canada. We encourage remote and diverse candidates to apply, but are prioritizing Canadians at the moment.

Next Steps
To apply, please shoot us an email with your resume and we will enthusiastically consider it.

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