EcchiToons/OtakuToons: Mobile App PPC Specialist

Headquarters: Dover, DE


We need someone with proven experience in mobile app ads, using Unity ads and/or other mobile networks for The Otaku Box and OtakuToons, driving subscriptions for a manga app! You should be able to implement effective PPC campaigns on multiple mobile app ad networks. You will have a marketing and graphic design team to support you with marketing assets and ad creatives/copy.
 You must:

  • Have proven experience with at least $10,000/month spend on mobile app ad networks
  • Be able to ideate and assign designers and front end developers instructions to create appealing ads/offers and funnels that get clicks and conversions
  • Be able to meet (provably realistic but not a walk in the park) CPAs
  • Be available between 9am-5pm CET, M-F
  • Be able to get ads approved for our content (will take some creative thinking)
What would earn you bonus points during the hiring process:

  • Experience in the anime niche
  • Remote work experience, preferably using Asana
  • Experience with other alternative ad networks within the mobile app niche
  • Enjoy anime and/or manga 
You’ll be supported by:

  • Our CEO and CMO
  • Graphics and front end designers
  • Copywriter
  • Video producer
  • Advanced analytics
  • Extensive amounts of lead and customer demographic info
What we don’t do:

  • We don’t micromanage
  • We don’t waste your or our time with “company culture” 
  • We don’t waste your or our time BSing in slack (we don’t use slack)
  • We don’t make you physically show up anywhere or to anything, ever
That means that you:

  • Must be incredibly self-motivated and really eager to create (and prove) your ROI
  • Must be very communicative in Asana
  • Will work closely with the CEO/CMO
  • Can’t be afraid to work in a position that requires you to perform
  • Shouldn’t really care about fluff (think: anything done by a Silicon Valley startup…) and should care about ROI
  • Shouldn’t get your feelings hurt easily 

  • 100% remote
  • Compensation is base + % of spend (good pay for a candidate with proven experience) 
  • No BS, just performance. Good performance? Earn more cash with performance incentives
  • Everything listed in “What we don’t do” (see above)

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