EcchiToons: Chief Production Officer (CPO)

Headquarters: Dover, DE


Role Overview
This role is responsible for the production of all EcchiToons products, as well as the production department and team in full, from graphic designers to artists, and the production budget. This includes communication with the artists and writers, resolving their needs and compiling gathered material into final products. 

 The CPO will work with their team to ensure the key products, additional production requirements, and supporting assets (in particular marketing material) are delivered in a timely manner. Late delivery of the key products and supporting assets of the key products, as outlined in the production SOP, is never acceptable.
 The CPO is responsible for the whole production process. The CPO reports to the CMO, and must run big changes by the CEO (e.g. different budget spending, altering the nature of the product, etc.). Such changes must be presented in full, ideally written up in a report, unless they are meeting ideation.

Role Responsibilities and Requirements 

Production Process
  • Optimizing the production process
  • Systematizing the process
  • Updating and creating SOP’s
  • Ensuring the process is seemless

Content Quality
  • Ensuring that the final product has no typos, grammatical or spelling errors, and is correct American English
  • Ensuring the quality of the product improves on an on-going basis
  • Not passing on anything produced on the production side that has frequent errors or is low quality or resolution for QA by other departments
  • Finding new innovative ways to improve our production process
  • QA every stage of production, including drafts, not just final products
  • Maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs of the above

Manga Managing
(Since October/November 2020)

  • Hire new artists
  • Guide artists during the production:
  •  Story plot check and approval
  •  Script check and approval
  •  Storyboard check and approval
  •  Final version check and approval
  • Manage the proofreading
  • Manage translations
  • Assign work to writers and artists
  • Manage the budget
  • Help writers and artists to fill their invoice
  • Manage Extra contents and help the artists with the creation of them
  • Resolve problems about rates, missing delivery, etc etc

Illustration Managing
  • Hire new illustrators
  • Price negotiation 
  • Commissioning work to illustrators
  • Manage the budget
  • Gather the illustrations for the magazine
  • Deliver the illustrations for the magazine
  • Managing the Payment to artists via PayPal

Designer Managing
  • Mange the graphic designers in the production team (the marketing department has separate designers that are not included in this), ensuring they have everything they need without having to ask other mangers
  • QA and approve the quality of the work of everyone in production

Day-to-Day Processes
  • Approve the invoices for the production team
  • Check and approve the cosplays photosets, and review the budget for this on an on-going basis
  • Produce and manage add-ons, as well as restructuring content
  • Overseeing the Production process and making sure it’s delivered in-full
  • Reporting for every content section
  • Producing TypeForms for feedback accumulation

App Management
  • Handling app approval processes on the Google Play and Apple App stores
  • Creating, testing, and optimizing campaigns to direct users to purchase credits directly rather than in-app purchases

Product Marketing
An additional part of the responsibility is acquiring feedback data through surveys and making logical decisions for future production. All marketing actives are handled by the marketing team, but the CPO is expected to collaborate with the CMO on acquiring data for production decisions and iterating based on market feedback. The CPO does not make marketing decisions without the approval of the CMO, and should check with the data the CMO has when iterating production decisions based on customer feedback. The CMO and CPO should work together on product marketing on a consistent basis to ensure alignment between production and marketing.

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