Dr. Shannon Irvine: Director of Operations

Headquarters: California

URL: https://drshannonirvine.com/

POSITION: Director of Operations 
REPORTING TO: Founder + CEO, Dr. Shannon Irvine
STATUS: Independent Contractor; will move to Full-Time Employee after a successful 90-day review
LOCATION: Remote, US only; must be able to work the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm PST
START DATE: March 2021
At Team Irvine, we teach coaches HOW to coach and how to grow a wildly profitable business. We teach them to coach the right way through the Neurocoaching Model™. We support them to build a highly profitable coaching business so they are known as the go-to in their niche! We also coach entrepreneurs using the Neurocoaching model™ to create the level of success they desire, the impact they were called to have AND the life they’ve always imagined!
Dr. Shannon is looking to bring on a Director of Operations who can be a true strategic partner and lead the team to a game-changing level. The Director of Operations who joins our team will have experience in operations for an online marketing business model as well as core competencies in team leadership, project management, strategic guidance, KPIs, and have financial acumen. The goal of this role is to bring strong team leadership while guiding Shannon strategically. This is a leadership and management level role, therefore, the candidate must be connected to the mission and values of our company.

The successful candidate will have experience leading launches and is also familiar with the evergreen model. A background in sales or marketing is a strong plus as this role will oversee the Director of Sales and Director of Marketing in addition to the Operations and Delivery side.

This is a full-time employee position. The selected candidate should be able to work 9:00am-5pm PST and occasional evenings/weekends during our launches (roughly 3 per year).
  • You are a big picture thinker; a thinker of possibilities.
  • Personal and professional development come innately to you.
  • You believe that it’s not about us, that there is something bigger than me out there.
  • You are positive, driven and have a “get it done” mindset.
  • You are proactive – always thinking two steps ahead.
  • You are curious, bring insightful questions and feel we can always figure out a way to do something. 
  • You are solution-focused.
  • You are able to keep up with a fast pace leader.
  • You are flexible to pivot and connect with the “now” even when it was not the original plan.
  • You can think critically and foresee process gaps before they become issues.
  • You are able to think high-level and have confident conversations with a CEO by offering counterpoints re strategy and planning. 
  • You have managed large remote teams before and enjoy HR work.
  • You can drive performance in a team by keeping all team members accountable. 
  • You can drive a CEO’s vision by building out projects and seeing them through completion. 
  • You are committed and dedicated to the mission, vision, and team you work with.
  • You are resourceful, have a “can-do” attitude and enjoy solving problems. 
  • You have a great work ethic, mastered time management, and close the loop on every project.
  • You take accountability and ownership and truly excel at your roles.
  • You understand finances and are able to work strategically with the bookkeeper or CFO to increase profit margin. 
  • You are able to bridge a visionary CEO’s long-term vision.
  • You can oversee and help organize marketing campaigns. 
  • You have experience leading launches and can work in the following tools (not be an expert): Monday, Process Street, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, and WordPress. 


Team Management
  • Make recommendations to ensure we have an effective team; the right people are in the right roles with all key players who are true to our mission. 
  • Hire new team members as needed and manage the hiring/termination process.
  • Manage the performance and execution of the responsibilities of teammates. You are the liaison between the CEO and the other team members.
  • Create team performance metrics; KPI’s.
  • Implement and lead our daily huddles.
  • Lead weekly progress meetings and planning meetings.
  • Lead quarterly performance review meetings.
  • Manage the onboarding and offboarding process of team members.
  • Handle HR issues that arise.
  • Ensure the team is healthy, functional, communicative, and cohesive.

Strategic Guidance + Leadership

  • Assist in strategy, ideation, and improvements to our launches and eventually our evergreen funnel. 
  • Track KPI’s and measure them against team performance. 
  • Perform analysis and review of monthly financials. Gather and share insights.
  • Management of departmental objectives.
  • Provide strategic value and input.
  • Serve as team leader and second in command to the CEO.
Project Management
  • Refine day-to-day operations with a high level of efficiency while managing costs.
  • Create detailed project plans and manage the day-to-day projects.
  • Create systems and processes and lead the team to utilize these new systems. 
  • Track project status and provide detailed but succinct updates to the CEO.
  • Improve on current systems.
  • Build out new SOPs and ensure current SOPs are up to date and checked frequently. 
  • Ensure that all operational processes are properly documented and that key information is organized, accessible, and secure.
Dr. Shannon Irvine is an Entrepreneur, High Achievement Business and Mindset
Master Coach and Strategist, Host of the Epic Success Podcast, a PhD. in Neuro-Psychology and Founder of MosaicVision.org, a charity supporting AIDS orphans in Africa. 
Her mission is to help entrepreneurs become the person who can achieve their God-given dreams by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to think like, act like, and actually become a 6+figure entrepreneur in a way that honors what they value most. 
Dr. Shannon helps her clients “neuro-hack” their success and build an Epic Life and Business that they love by harnessing the power of the brain to hardwire productivity, goal attainment, and high performance mindset mastery.
Through her NeuroCoaching CertificationTM, Epic Success Program and Epic Success Podcast, her clients learn the power of the NeuroCoaching ModelTM — her neuroscience-backed, brain-based process for shifting how to think, act, and grow. Through the step-by-step, proven Success Switch MethodTM, they learn how to hardwire exactly what they want, and erase the limiting beliefs that are chaining them back from success!  They learn to flip their success switch ON in their brain to create the level of success they desire, the impact they were called to have AND the life they’ve always imagined!
Our core values:
Integrity & Ownership:  I am my WORD & authentically me & 100% responsible 
Generosity & Deep Service to Others: Not what do i need but what do they need
Overdeliver: Customer Obsession – Get them to the finish line!
ABG: Always Be Growing (personally & professionally)
Radical Ownership & Responsibility: It is not about the person but the process
Innovative & Disruptive: Through Science we are cutting edge in personal and biz growth while we honor God
Insight about Dr. Shannon:
Myers Briggs: INTJ
Enneagram: 3

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