Developer Advocate

GitBook is a modern documentation platform backed by some of the best SaaS European VCs (Point 9 Capital, Notion Capital, Fly VC). Our ambition is to empower teams’ intelligence. We want to help teams work more efficiently by creating a single place to leverage their knowledge and share their docs with the world.

🤔 Why are we opening this position?

GitBook is loved by developers, trusted by thousands of teams within companies such as Adobe, Netflix, Decathlon, and Google. We’ve reached over 1M users with the majority being developers. Our aim is to simplify developers’ lives and develop a collaboration platform enabling them to focus on their work while we take care of their docs. With this in mind we’re opening our very first Developer Advocate position.

🙌 What will you be doing?

We’re currently working on a major product release to redefine “core team work” and our API is currently in beta. Your main mission will be will help us build a developers community around our product, raise awareness and make sure developers are setup for success while using GitBook.

On a daily basis, you’ll work closely with our Head of Growth to run experimentation as we grow. As the first Developer Advocate hire, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the direction we’ll be setting and take on our most impactful projects.

Although we cannot tell you exactly what will be your daily life yet (we cannot wait to shape it with you!), here are some examples of projects you’ll be able to work on:‌

  • Gathering a deep understanding of the challenges, use cases and ambitions of developers using GitBook and channelling back this feedback to our product & engineering team
  • Boosting awareness around GitBook within the developer community and increasing the adoption of our product, with a focus on the open-source community (GitBook is free for open-source projects🚀)
  • Creating content to educate the ecosystem and help potential users discover GitBook through various channels (Webinars, Blog, GitHub,…)
  • Helping us take our API from beta to public through extensive user research and helping current API users solve their challenges through talking with them, helping us write our API docs and building working examples on top of it to showcase what’s possible
  • Building a decentralized developer program by facilitating open-source initiatives built around our API, creating an engaged community of developers with the aim of extending what’s possible with our platform
  • Setting up listening and communication channels to build an audience that is interested into what we’re doing, contributing to existing open-source projects
  • Discovering opportunities to empower existing developer communities through helping them getting started with GitBook, and launch partnerships / referral programs that can boost awareness around our product


Within our team you will be valued for:

  • Your passion for programming and your strong technical background, as you still enjoy coding on a daily basis

  • Your willingness to be present in the developer community and your track record of helping developers

  • Your natural communication skills as you love talking with people and presenting stuff both verbally and in written form

  • Your experience working in a fast-paced environment, as you’ve partnered with product teams on shaping product launches

  • Your ambition to own a developer program end-to-end and build a function from scratch

  • Your creativity and your interest in marketing


You will stand out for this role as:

  • You’ve contributed or still contribute to open-source projects

  • You’ve been an early developer advocacy hire at a fast growing startup before

  • You’re a GitBook user, or you’ve used GitBook in the past

  • You have a meaningful social presence with engaged followers


👥 Every single team member is a value addition to our culture, so it’s important for us to state our values.

👍 While joining GitBook, you will also appreciate our Perks & Benefits.


✨ What’s next?
  1. First, you need to send us your application to express your interest and we will review it (of course we’ll get back to you whatever the decision)​.
  2. As a next step, our Talent Acquisition Manager and our Head of Growth will reach out to organise a 30-45min call. During this first call, you will be able to ensure there is a correlation between GitBook’s expectations, the role and your own expectations.
  3. Afterwards, you will be meeting with several members of our team during separate meetings in order to share about role specifics such as required skills, knowledge, abilities as well as working environment, day-to-day life, etc.
  4. Then, you will have the opportunity to meet with the team to have a preview of GitBook’s culture and daily life but also to learn more about GitBook’s history, our vision and ambition, and ensuring you’re also aligned with our culture and core values.

Our discussion starts right here, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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