Design Portfolio Mentor

About the Design Portfolio Mentor position

We are looking for experienced graphic designers, UI/UX designers, brand designers, creative directors, art directors, interaction designers, visual designers, design managers who have excellent design portfolios themselves to be part of our growing Design Portfolio mentor team. 

 Your responsibilities include:
  • Push creative boundaries for the students you mentor. They came to our Portfolio School to elevate their visual and creativity standard. Mentors are there to make sure they succeed.

  • Answer appointment requests promptly and show up to every appointment on time.
  • Provide written reviews to student assignment submissions.
  • Check in on students when they fall behind on progress.
  • Be very specific in your feedback when giving student directions while encouraging them to think on their own. 
Our requirements are:
  • Unlike most job requirements, we do not have a specific years of experience requirements. Instead, we will evaluate your own portfolio with industry benchmarks such as creativity, visual excellence, storytelling skills and personal branding.

  • Have worked professionally in your role either at the client side or agency side.
  • It’s a bonus if you have been a hiring manager
  • Love teaching and mentoring. We want mentors who truly love giving back and passing their knowledge on to up and coming talents.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills. Our students are very diverse – we expect our mentors to be respectful, open-minded, patient and communicate well with a wide range of student demographics.
  • Knowledge of branding, marketing and storytelling in addition to your design craft. We not only provide design critiques to our students – we also teach them how to market and brand themselves. Our mentors play a crucial part in helping them acquire these skills.
  • You earn $300 per student in a 6-week period. You may have up to 9 sessions per student, but in most cases, you may only have to mentor 5-6 sessions. Each session is 1-hour.
  • You may take on as many students as your schedule allows. 

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