Customer service – IT/EN

Loyaltek is a leading player in the shopping center gift cards sector. Your role will be to help our customers (shopping center information desk employees) when they are facing issues or have questions. You will be a key part of the support team of a growing company.

You will work from home using a laptop and headset and/or a smartphone, working on support phone calls and tickets. You will have access to the company knowledge base and be able to communicate with colleagues to find the best answer to provide.

Work hours will be very flexible and up to you but we are especially looking for people available during evenings and week-ends.


Your Responsibilities

• Handle and carefully respond to all customer inquiries received by phone or email
• Provide excellent customer service through active listening
• Work with confidential customer information and treat it sensitively
• Follow up to customer inquiries by taking specific action in a timely manner
• Aim to resolve issues on the first call by being proactive
• Appropriately communicate with customers via phone and email


Your profile

• Speaking Italian and English
• High School Graduate or GED
• Availability to work various shifts
• Proficiency with desktop computer system and Internet skills
• Proven oral & written communication skills

Considering your role is to provide support service outside the normal working hours of our customers, there isn’t many tickets to be answered.

The average is about 2 tickets on a 4 hours shift. You would get a notification on your smartphone or computer when there is a ticket to be answered.

This means your role is mainly to be available to help the customer if and when it happens to be needed.

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