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Creative Insights Lead Opening at Apex Growth

  • Position Type: Fulltime

  • Location: Remote (US-Based)

  • Salary Range (Total Comp): $100-135K + Bonus



My name is David, one of the Co-Founders of Apex Growth. We are seeking a Creative Insights Lead to be our resident expert on bridging the gap between creative design and data analysis.

You’ll report to our Vice President of Creative Strategy and work closely with our engineering, analytics, and marketing team. In addition, you’ll partner closely with our creative production partners and clients’ creative teams.

We are at a unique point in our business where we are beginning to specialize our team by bringing in experts for each of our services. We are looking to hire the best specialists, whether that is in pricing and monetization, paid search, creative strategy, or our other service areas. 

You’ll be asked to analyze a wide variety of creative spanning different channels (TikTok, Spotify), formats (Text, Video, Statics), and devices (Mobile, Desktop) as well as a range of industries (Healthcare, e-Commerce). You’ll need to quickly learn about new ad formats, our client’s customers, and continually stay up to date on best practices. 

Using the insights you gather, you’ll be asked to build a creative roadmap for clients, support your plans backed by your research, partner with design and marketing teams to produce and test your creative, and create a narrative that explains to clients what learnings can be gathered.

We’ll push you to think through how to design more cost-effective creative, shorten the production cycle, and improve the return on investment from our ads. 

This is not primarily a strategy-only, client-facing role, or pure creative role. This is a hands-on role that involves significant time analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, testing new creative ideas, and rapidly adapting your thinking process.



Apex was founded by David Mausolf (ex-VP of Growth Marketing at Disney) and Dave Riggs (ex-VP of User Acquisition at Mammoth Media) in 2020. Since the beginning, we have profitably bootstrapped the business to over 7-digits in revenue. 

We have had immense success being able to work with a variety of fast-growing brands, including those like Shopify, 23andMe, among others. Our leadership team includes leaders from Amazon, YouTube, and startups.

Marketing is becoming increasingly difficult for companies due to ongoing changes in platforms, tracking changes, and the sheer amount of data available to leverage. Our partners are increasingly looking for thought partners that can act as an extension of their team while still being able to get their hands dirty.

Our success has been predicated on building long-term partnerships that drive marketing business results but also support clients in other areas that impact performance, including analytics, landing pages, financial planning, planning, and other areas that touch marketing.

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: As the Creative Insights Lead at Apex Growth, you’ll be at the crossroads of creativity and data analytics. You’ll interact with a diverse team of experts in engineering, analytics, creative design, and operations. This constant interplay between different disciplines offers a unique opportunity to approach creative strategies from a multifaceted perspective, ensuring that your work is always innovative and comprehensive.

  • Diverse Client Portfolio: You will engage with an extensive range of clients across various industries and sectors. This diversity provides a rich landscape for applying and adapting your skills, ensuring that no two projects are the same. You’ll gain insights into different industries, customer behaviors, and advertising formats, making your role both challenging and exciting.

  • Pioneering Expertise: In this role, you’re not just applying established practices; you are setting them. You will be Apex Growth’s leading authority on integrating data analytics with creative content, responsible for pioneering new, sometimes untested methods. This position allows you to delve deep into the nuances of creative analytics, establishing best-in-class approaches that could redefine industry standards.

  • Thought Leadership and Influence: At Apex Growth, we recognize that sharing knowledge is crucial for leadership. As the Creative Insights Lead, you’ll have opportunities to contribute to Apex Growth Methods, sharing your unique frameworks, insights, and strategies. This not only positions you as a thought leader in the field but also allows you to shape the understanding and practices of other marketers and leaders within the industry.

  • Impactful Decision-Making: Your role goes beyond analysis; it involves making impactful decisions that directly influence client success. The insights and strategies you develop will be instrumental in shaping creative campaigns that drive engagement and growth. This level of influence and responsibility makes your role crucial to both our clients’ success and our company’s reputation as a leader in growth marketing.



We at Apex Growth believe in providing clear pathways for career progression, ensuring that every team member has opportunities to grow and evolve in their career. For the Creative Insights Lead role, we expect a commitment of at least two years, after which there are several potential paths for advancement and growth:

  • User Experience and Creative Insights Role: Ads are just one of one many touchpoints in the customer’s journey. In an expanded role you will be asked to lead user experience design and analytics efforts for our clients conversion efforts.

  • Creative Strategy Director: Move into a more strategic role leading the entire creative process from ideation, analytics, production, testing including client-facing and internal-facing aspects.

  • Join Our Clients: As an integrated thought partner with our clients, we’ll advocate on your behalf if you’d like to join a current or past client. With a pre-existing working relationship, you’ll have access to top analytics roles through our network.

  • Expanded Creative Insights Role: You’ll continue to build out your team of analysts as our creative strategy service continues to grow with our business.



In this role, you will be the driving force behind integrating data-driven insights with creative strategies for all our clients. Your focus will be on enhancing the effectiveness of creative content across various channels (TikTok, YouTube, Search) and formats (Shorts, Vertical, Audio), ensuring it not only captures, but achieves tangible business results. You’ll be challenged to think innovatively, analyze deeply, and communicate your findings effectively, playing a key role in the success of our clients’ campaigns.

Types of work in this role you’ll be asked to own:

  • Creative Performance Analysis: Take charge of analyzing the performance of creative assets across platforms, determining effectiveness, and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Strategic Creative Development: Develop and refine strategies for creative content, ensuring alignment with client objectives and audience engagement.

  • Ad Format Exploration: Stay at the forefront of ad format innovation, implementing new and untested methods to keep our strategies cutting-edge.

  • Creative Asset Auditing: Evaluate the creative assets of potential and existing clients, continuously iterating on your analysis framework to define industry-leading standards.

  • Data-Informed Creative Design: Collaborate with creative teams to produce content that is not only engaging but also backed by solid data-driven insights.

  • Industry and Customer Research: Conduct comprehensive research to deeply understand different industries and customer segments, tailoring creative strategies accordingly.

  • Creative Testing and Experimentation: Lead A/B testing and other experimental approaches to measure the impact of different creative strategies, deriving actionable insights.

  • Performance Narratives and Reporting: Craft compelling narratives that explain creative performance to clients, based on data and insights, highlighting successes and improvement areas.

  • Efficiency Optimization in Creative Processes: Focus on strategies that streamline creative production, reduce costs, and enhance the return on investment from creative content.

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis: Spend significant time diving into both quantitative and qualitative data to optimize the performance of client creatives.

  • Client-Focused Creative Planning: Work closely with cross-functional teams to develop cohesive and client-focused creative plans.

  • Consultation and Strategy Advising for Clients: Serve as a strategic advisor to clients, providing insights and recommendations based on robust data analysis.

  • Creative Innovation Roadmapping: Prioritize and size new creative initiatives, backing your recommendations with data to effectively convince and guide clients.


  • Maggie Valiunas (VP of Creative Strategy) – Maggie not only leads our creative strategy but also on our client communication. You’ll report directly to her and work closely to develop a data-driven creative roadmap for our clients.

  • David Mausolf (Co-Founder) – You’ll spend a significant amount of time working with me, to review your analysis, narratives, and experimentation approaches.

  • Cross-Functional Leads – On an ongoing basis, you’ll work closely with our Head of Operations, Elissa Larabee, VP of Analytics/Engineering, Michael Graham, and marketing team members.


  • Narrative and Communication Skills:

    • Proven experience in building compelling narratives supported by data analysis.

    • Demonstrated work experience in developing creative strategy narratives.

    • Strong ability to communicate complex ideas in a structured, clear, and concise manner.

    • Exceptional structured writing ability.

  • Background in Analytics:

    • A minimum of four continuous years in Analytics, including in the most recent role.

    • Experience in either marketing analytics or UX/UI analytics, with a demonstrated ability to adapt to marketing analytics.

  • Creative and Innovative Mindset:

    • Demonstrated ability to explore and implement innovative advertising concepts.

    • Strong problem-solving skills with a creative and innovative approach.

  • Project Management: Capability to manage and prioritize multiple projects concurrently.

  • Statistical and Analytical Knowledge:

    • Intermediate knowledge of statistical methods and A/B testing.

    • Basic data analysis skills, including proficiency in SQL, advanced data analysis techniques (such as those used in ChatGPT), and Python.

  • Research Skills: Ability to conduct thorough customer and industry research.

  • Data Interpretation: Skill in interpreting mixed data sets (quantitative and qualitative) and translating them into actionable insights.

  • Openness to Learning and Feedback: Receptiveness to coaching and being challenged by supervisors, clients, and cross-functional leads.

  • Attention to Detail: A detail-oriented approach with the ability to identify issues in large datasets or sets of advertisements.

What Apex Growth offers:

  • A great flexible remote work environment—equal parts laid-back startup and motivated meritocracy

  • Daily opportunities to grow your technical skills and capabilities & professional development opportunities within the organization

  • A highly accomplished executive team with a plan to scale Apex Growth, that works with you to become a major player in the growth marketing agency space

  • A competitive salary and bonus structure

  • 401(k) with company matching

  • Generous (and by generous we mean unlimited) PTO

  • Paid Vacation, Paid Bereavement, and Paid Family Leave

  • Full Health Benefits (Dental, Vision, Wellness)

  • Learning and career development program

These benefits are applicable to Apex Growth, US based, full-time employees only. 1099/Contract Providers are ineligible for these benefits.

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