Creative Force: Product support Jedi, EMEA

Headquarters: Malta


Product support Jedi

We’re looking for a tenacious, self-motivated and energetic people-person to help us support our growing client base in EMEA. Our software has a steep learning curve so you’ll need to be a cool tech cucumber yet be amazing with humans. Empathy, patience, curiosity, ability to multi-task and friendliness are key to success in this role. 


You will be a part of a small but incredibly high-performing global team offering help to our B2B clients across two products (Award Force and Good Grants). You will communicate with colleagues and clients across countries, cultures and time zones on a daily basis.

Our support is not restricted to email tickets only but also on phone calls and 1-1 Zoom meetings. Once trained, you will take up client meetings and help with issue resolution, best practices and product adoption. 

You’ll love this role if you’re self-motivated, genuinely enjoy talking with people and very good with technology. Lots of energy, problem solving skills and a sense of humour are a must!

You’ll test and report bugs, put forth considered client feedback to product teams; always seeking to improve our products. When you’re not busy with clients, you’ll be happy to update support documentation or work on interesting side projects geared towards continuous improvement. 

We play startup every now and then — new tools implemented as experiments and our processes are always evolving. You’ll be part of this too. If you have a great idea, let’s test it out! We’re not big on bureaucracy, only results.  We don’t expect you to be a slave to your chair, but you will need to be flexible. 


  • You are located somewhere in EMEA
  • You are able to work as an independent contractor, responsible for your own insurance requirements, tax and 401k contributions
  • Native English speaker (or 100% fluent), bi-lingual is a bonus!
  • You have a natural aptitude with technology, experience with SaaS and are able to learn (and use) new systems quickly
  • Words like HTML, CSS, JS, API, Integrations, Dev console, staging & production environments, GitHub repo, database queries etc are not alien to you. You don’t need how to work them but you must know about them (well enough)
  • You have fantastic interpersonal skills and are an excellent communicator, verbal and written
  • You love to talk to clients. Four-five meetings a day only makes you more energetic!
  • You love solving problems and helping others solve theirs 
  • You write in well constructed sentences and pay attention to detail
  • You’re curious, and love learning
  • You are not shy to upsell or answer “sales-y” questions
  • You’re super organised and process oriented. You are comfortable using multiple software for various aspects of the role. We have a process for everything!
  • You have the ability to communicate complex issues in plain language
  • You can work independently, are self-motivated, but enjoy being part of a team
  • Working remotely suits you perfectly, your natural work ethic makes you a high performer!
  • You are flexible to attend team meetings outside of usual working hours on scheduled days
  • You have access to fast, reliable internet and a dedicated space to work without distractions


Product support
  • Self-driven learning to become a product expert
  • Be the first port of call on all inbound support queries via email/tickets, phone and (later) chat
  • Run 1-1 Zoom calls with clients to help resolve queries and provide technical consultation 
  • Adhere to our consistent (and impressive!) first-time-reply metric 
  • Provide technically accurate responses after carefully testing necessary scenarios
  • Work with the engineering team to resolve bugs and follow through with updates 
Be amazing with clients
  • Respond quickly (we’re big on speed)
  • Able to really listen to people, get to the heart of the issue and see it through to resolution
  • Convey appreciation and respect to our clients at all times
  • Strive to build trusting relationships based on honesty and transparency
  • With an aim of 100% retention, proactively reach out to suggest improvements
Contribute to continuous improvement
  • Take on side projects aimed towards innovative solutions for better performance
  • Identify and report common user issues for product improvement
  • Identify and fill gaps in support documentation
  • Be on the lookout for anything that can be better

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