CareScribe: Senior UX/UI Designer with Desktop Experience

Headquarters: Bristol, UK


We’re looking for a talented senior UX / UI designer to work with us to design new products and improve existing ones. We’re a small tech company that makes software to help people make the world more accessible. 

We’ve two great products out in the wild and are starting work on a third. To date we’ve worked with a variety of designers to deliver specific designs, a logo here, a UI design there, but we’re not looking for someone to join us and take our UX / UI to the next level. 

What we’re looking for: 
– Ownership: We’re looking for someone who takes ownership and can work with the team to design brand new products from the ground up (inc. brand, website etc) as well as take an existing product and enhance the UX / UI. 
– Desktop / Complex Webapp Experience: Our products are typically desktop and mobile and so we’d like you to have experience working on desktop applications or complex web applications (by this we mean things like Slack, Google Analytics, Trello type apps). 
– 5+ years UX / UI experience.

The majority of the team are based in the UK and so while we’d very happy for you to work remotely, being UK based would be a plus. The role is advertised as a contract position however we’d be open to this being a fulltime position if that is of interest. 

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