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I am looking for an operations manager to help me run aThemes. There are two sides to the aThemes business. The first is the product side. This is selling our WordPress themes. The second side is content/affiliate. We get a lot of traffic from Google to our posts about WordPress. We monetise these posts with affiliate links. You can take a look at our blog here:

This is a fully remote position, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world. However, your working hours must overlap at least to some extent (let’s say 4 hours a day) with Central European Time (CET).

What you will do on a typical day:

  • Manage the team. The core team consists of 7 people (two developers, a designer, a product manager, an editor, a support agent, and an assistant). This doesn’t include the writers and a few other freelancers we work with on a regular basis. You need to come up with ways of tracking weekly what work people are doing and then figuring out whether they are delivering what they should and if not, why? Do they know what they should be working on? Is there something blocking them?
  • Keep projects moving forward. Make decisions about whatever projects we are working on right now. On one day you might be reviewing design mockups for a new landing page (including the copy). On another day you might be thinking about how we can prepare for an upcoming sale (what emails do we need to send, on what schedule, and so on). The most important aspect of the whole role is probably the ability to keep track of projects and make sure that things in the business are moving forward.
  • Get on top of our customer support burden. Are we responding fast enough to tickets? Is the support agent getting back to everyone in a timely manner and solving their queries efficiently? Do the hours they are billing us for make sense in comparison to the number of tickets they are solving weekly. 
  • Think about hires we need to make and help write job adverts (like this one) to attract the right talent to help us grow.
Your primary goal, if we zoom out a little, is to manage the team (make sure people know what they are supposed to be doing and are doing it), streamline and help document our processes, and in general ensure that the business is running smoothly.

  • Experience with running an online business (or it not, then experience working for one)
  • Experience with managing a small team (preferably remotely)
  • Experience with ecommerce or affiliate marketing (preferably both)
  • An interest in WordPress and web technology generally
  • Knowledge of SEO, outreach and digital marketing
  • The ability to get things done (and motivate others to get things done)
  • Experience with project management (I am a big fan of Todoist for this)
I envisage that this role can be done in 10-20 hours per week, but we will see (could be more). I am looking to hire someone in the $30 to $50 an hour range. This is an opportunity for someone to take an already established business to the next level. The only limit is your ambition.

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