Anedot: Content Marketer

Headquarters: New Orleans, LA


First and foremost, you are a marketer. You’ve worked with marketing teams and have experience being the resident writer. You have a strong, natural ability to write creatively and efficiently. You are in your happy place when you are brainstorming ideas, then executing on them.

We believe that happy people produce better results for themselves and the collective team. We believe and value empowering people to work on something they enjoy — thus applicants likely would want to have an interest in serving campaigns, churches, ministries, nonprofits, and schools.

4 Tasks & responsibilities

  1. Produce long-form copy such as SEO optimized blog posts, emails, and ebooks
  2. Write short, punchy copy for social media posts and ads, headlines, and subject lines
  3. Develop written content for outreach collateral such as slides, fliers, and landing pages
  4. Edit and proofread copy for grammar, spelling, and brand consistency

4 Skills & experience the candidate must have

  1. Minimum of 3 years of professional experience working on a marketing team
  2. Background or experience with one or more of the industries we serve (political, church and ministry, higher education, or other nonprofits) – bonus points for experience working in or with B2B SaaS companies
  3. Expert in grammar and sentence structure – you won’t be asked to diagram a sentence, but you will be our resident expert in the English language
  4. Understanding and expertise of different styles of writing – persuasive ad copy, SEO-optimized blog content, conversational emails, etc.

3 Ways the candidate will be evaluated

  1. Efficiency and speed. Projects must be completed rapidly, while maintaining top-tier quality.
  2. Net Productivity (does the candidate add work for other people, excluding initial coaching or on-going learnings from others; ie. it is cool to ask for help and to learn but when you ask someone else the same thing over and over again we might start wondering why that hasn’t become “learned”)
  3. Communication, teamwork, and completeness of work; i.e. “responsible and cool to work with” (peer review)


  • Competitive Full-time Salary
  • Flexible PTO
  • Remote work (Preferred States: CA, FL, LA, MD, TX, or WA)
  • Monthly Health Allowance
  • Monthly Fitness Allowance
  • Monthly Wellness Allowance
  • Monthly Internet Allowance
  • Annual CSA Allowance
  • Home-office Allowance
  • 401k plan available


The copywriter will work on our Growth team as part of the Marketing team.

  • Operations (Accounts, Finance, Service)
  • Product (Design, DevOps, Engineering)
  • Growth (Marketing, Outreach, Success)

Company Values

We’re rooted in Southern Louisiana but operate as a remote-first company that supports our team living in Texas, California, Washington, Ohio, Maryland, and Florida. We’ve got an old-fashioned commitment to honor and excellence in what we do, and our customer-first hospitality is described as welcoming, courteous, helpful, respectful, and kind. We’re the type of people whom you count on to do what is right and have your back.

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