AmpiFire: Product Manager

Headquarters: London, UK


Wanted:  A Passionate Rockstar Product Manager  With A Heart For The Underdog
If you love making sure that customers have a great product experience and want flexibility of where you work along with great pay and giving the ‘little guy’ his fair chance, then we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

We’re a high growth SaaS that’s growing by leaps and bounds and we are fanatical about making sure that small to medium sized businesses have a chance to get their marketing message out to their customers.

While we’ve grown immensely in the past few years, we work hard to never lose sight of our company’s core values.  

We aim to create a great environment that no matter how much we grow, we stay humble.  Where we reflect on challenges without being condescending.  Where we take on big and brave new ideas while keeping integrity at the forefront of everything we do.
And we weave that into the fabric of every product we create.
That’s why we want to talk to you.  We’re looking for someone who can come in and to refine our product strategy and then implement that strategy from inception to delivery.

You’ll work with several stakeholders on our team (our CEO, our marketing lead, tech lead, and customer support lead) and interview our current customers to understand the market and our products. You’ll become our team’s expert on product requirements, usability, and market fit. You’ll then work with the development team to ensure their solutions meet our customers’ needs once released.

Your responsibilities will include:
  • Review product strategy with the marketing team
  • Review suggestions from our customers and from stakeholders within the company
  • Use market research to get ideas for products that customers will want
  • Review our existing products, study customer usage, and then suggest improvements to the customer experience
  • Review our UI designer’s work to make sure it meets our customer needs
  • Clarify product requirements for developers as they work through implementation and delivery, to ensure the end result meets the goals you defined early in the process
  • Compare our products to competitor’s products in order to assess competition in the market, and get more great ideas for new features and products

Your skillset should include:
  • Sincere empathy for the customer and a commitment to delving deep into the challenges they present or experience
  • Strong collaboration skills with the ability to document proper requirements for short-term and long-term projects
  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills are required
  • Experience working at a software startup company strongly encouraged
  • A positive, can-do attitude that is genuine and infectious
  • Willingness and desire to learn and embrace fast-changing situations as they evolve
  • Experience overseeing web-based software design from the requirements phase through delivery
  • 3+ years relevant experience working as a Product Manager

For this Product Manager position we offer the following benefits:
  • The ability to work from your home office on a full-time basis
  • Flexible work hours
  • Observance of religious holidays
  • Opportunity for performance-based bonuses and salary increases

Are You Up For The Challenge?

We value talent here at AmpiFire, but more than that we value people.  That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to taking back the power from huge media companies and putting it in the hands of the average business.
We’re on a mission to empower the underdog to spread their message, build their business as a result, and have a positive effect on local economies.

We’ve got the platform, the products, and the resources.

All that’s missing is you. 🙂
Join us as we compensate extremely well for making sure that our customers are serviced like royalty.

If this role sounds like an ideal opportunity, then you’ll love what we’re cooking at AmpiFire!

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