AmpiFire: Junior Sales Executive [Remote position]

Headquarters: London, UK


Your role
*You’ll need to be able to work during business hours for PST/PDT (US/Canada Pacific) timezone!*

Interacting with potential buyers that arrive from different marketing funnels, you should be able to engage and show how good our tools will be for them and how they can achieve great results. Each timeslot on your schedule will be completely different than the previous -you will face different challenges and profiles- but you will have the support, training, and preparation to achieve *really* high numbers.

You don’t need experience in a similar position but you’re a quick learner, eager to succeed, and are able to assimilate the richest sales course available anywhere!

If you’re searching for a job that allows you the flexibility to work from wherever you’d like and still be a key part of a movement, this could be a perfect match. 

We’re helping small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs to get back on their feet, grow faster, and raise the standard of quality for their customers like we do for our own. 
Minimal Requirements:
  • Customer-focused with the ability to listen, build credible relationships, and overcome concerns.
  • Positive, resilient, and overall… a Superstar Salesperson with can-do ‘Rocky-like’ will power and drive…bring the heart and we’ll give you the tools.
  • A passion for persuasion and mastering deep sales psychology.
  • Well-read and committed to personal development.
  • Self-starting entrepreneurial attitude and tiger-like initiative.
  • You must have a burning desire to succeed, be extremely client-oriented, highly motivated and personify the ‘never say die’ attitude.
  • You should be able to develop a deep and meaningful rapport with your clients, communicating with authentic persuasiveness and the utmost integrity.
  • You must also have the steadfast belief you can be the best at almost everything you do, should you apply your talent and focus to it – and prove it.
  • Required to work on Pacific Time Zone 

Advantages Of The Position:
  • Top-tier support and award-winning sales training system.
  • Kick-ass psychology and persuasive philosophy.
  • Take ‘as much holiday as you wish’ scheme.
  • Internal growth potential – be on the front lines of building something ‘Great’ and growing along the process.
  • Excellent pay opportunities.
  • Flexible work schedule (degree of ‘work your own hours’).
  • Telecommuting possibilities – Opportunities to work from home or wherever you can find a wifi connection.

About us
We’re a rapidly growing tech start-up and every person on Our Team matters.

We provide flexible working hours and location independence to ensure a healthy work/life balance so we can all continue to work and grow together.

With over 50+ people across 10+ different countries working with us now, you’ll get to interact with a whole host of characters from all walks of life, with many shared values.

AmpiFire grew from a need to “Level The Playing Field” against bigger businesses that bully smaller competitors, even when ‘the little guy’ serves their customers and communities better! So we Empower The Underdog by getting them greater exposure and attention online – allowing them to spread their message in a way that really has an impact and lets them grow.

That is Our Mission – and that will be the noble cause you become part of (and get rewarded for) when you join us.

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